After several months running the $2 per free account signup affiliate offer, we're ending it. From today, you will not receive any fixed commissions for free signups, but each signup will be tagged to you and you will receive 40% recurring commissions as usual when they upgrade to a paid plan.

Although we've been offering the $2 / lead offer since early October 2010, our results reveal that this offer has only managed to attract more affiliates and customers from third-world countries with no clue about affiliate marketing. Therefore only 0.5% of all the free signups from these countries have every upgraded to a paid plan.

Furthermore, the $2 offer is being used by many affiliate marketers in Malaysia to send low-quality signups to LinkTrackr, telling them that they can "earn $2 if they signup" which is completely untrue and skewed.Most of their referrals have never even logged into LinkTrackr once since signup.

Therefore we feel that the $2 per lead offer is counter-productive, and needs to be stopped.

Most of our top affiliates refer qualified visitors and as a result make much more in commissions because their customers actually upgrade and use LinkTrackr, which many experts agree is one of the best in the industry.

All previous commissions are valid and already reflected in your account.


Friday, April 1, 2011

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