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CV, CVR, CVA and CV% - What Do They Mean?

- Sales Conversion Tracking is a feature available through Pro and xTreme accounts only --

Our stats pages have several jargon that you need to understand in order to better evaluate your marketing campaigns. Here are the most commonly used terms:

  • Total Clicks - Total Clicks are all reported clicks for a particular link. It includes multiple clicks from the same IP address.
  • Unique Clicks - Unique clicks only consider one click on a single IP address, and treat repetitive clicks from the same IP as duplicates. Therefore. your Unique Clicks will always be lower that Total Clicks.
  • CV -CV stands for Conversion, and is a measure of how many successful outcomes (optin, sale etc) are reported by our tracking system.
  • CVR -CVR stands for Conversion Ratio, and shows you how effective your marketing campaigns are at converting clicks to sales. It is percentage value calculated as follows: (Conversions / Total Clicks) X 100
  • CVA -CVA stands for Conversion Amount, and is the dollar value equaivalent of a successful outcome (sale, optin etc) as reported by our tracking system.
  • CV% - CV% stands for Conversion Percentage, and is used when displaying multiple conversions. It helps you determine the percentage total of a particular conversion from all reported conversions.

Example of CVR (Conversion Ratio) with Campaigns

Using the campaigns and sub-campaigns feature in LinkTrackr is a great way to identify and track different traffic sources. If you use it  correctly, you will be able to credit each conversion to a specific traffic source that resulted in the conversion. That tells you where you should be spending your ad dollars!


In the example above we placed two FaceBook ads and named each ad as "fb003" and "fb004" respectively. After a few days, we can clearly see that "fb004" received 348 clicks that resulted in 5 conversions. Therefore, our conversion rate (CVR) in this example is 1.44%.

CVR: (5/348) X 100 = 1.44%

However, we can also see that "fb003" has a slighly higher CVR and conclude that this ad is better at converting clicks into sales. We can therefore choose to spend less of "fb004" and divert our ad dollars to "fb004", as a result making more money with lesser clicks.

Example of CV, CV% and CVA

In the example below, you will see all three values being reported while we tracked multiple conversions in our test account:


The graph shows a total of 14 conversions (CV). It also shows the conversion amount (CVA) for each conversion type. The total conversion percentage (CV%) for "Affiliate Blogging Workshop" is 7.14%, since it is only one out of 14 total conversions.

CV%: (1/14) X 100 = 7.14%

However, CV% is only useful when you are tracking multiple conversions. If you are only tracking one conversion type, then the CV% will always be 100%.

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