Adswaps are a great way to build up your email list quickly. In a typical ad swap, two marketers mutually agree to promote each other’s products on a specified date and time. Usually, both have similar amount of subscribers or reach, and promote free products as a way to get more optin subscribers.

The key component of any ad swap is tracking the amount of clicks your partners send you, and this is where LinkTrackr plays a crucial role.

Using the campaign feature, you can easily create a primary link to promote your product or optin offer, and give each ad swap partner a unique link. For example, if I wanted my ad swap partners to promote our web hosting service, I would create a link like this:

Then, I would give each ad swap partner the same link, but with their names as the campaign. Here are two examples:

This way, I can easily track the amount of clicks and traffic I get from each ad swap partner in my LinkTrackr dashboard. I can also see traffic spikes using the graphical reports, so I know when the emails were sent out and how many emails were sent.


In our new stats feature being released soon, you can even see the percentage of traffic each ad swap partner has sent.

Another key advantage when you use LinkTrackr to do ad swaps is the viral marketing element. By leveraging on FaceBook and Twitter, you can multiply the amount of traffic actually sent by an ad swap partner.

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