Why Doesn’t The Viral Bar Work on Some Sites?

The LinkTrackr viral bar frames the content of the actual webpage in a way that the source URL is hidden from the user. Instead of seeing the actual URL, the user will see whatever link URL you’ve specified in your account.

However, not all websites allow the cloaking and framing of their content. Therefore, they have in place codes to either break the cloaked page and display the actual page, or to display an error page when you attempt to cloak their pages.

Some of the know websites that do this include Facebook, Aweber, and ClickBank (order pages). In most such cases, the websites would clearly specify that you’re not allowed to frame the content of their pages.

For such websites, we advise you to not use the viral cloaking bar. Instead, just use LinkTrackr to track clicks and visits to the website.

Customizing The Viral Bar

The Viral Bar is an extended option for LinkTrackr’s link cloaking feature, and can be customized for each different Project you run.

To customize your viral bar, simply click on the Settings option on the Project you want to edit.

Search for the Viral Bar option, and click on Custom.

From here you can change the settings to customize the viral bar to suit your own needs.

We recommend displaying the credits with your affiliate link, as this is the easiest way to earn recurring commissions from our affiliate program. We also recommend that you show a disclosure policy every time you use the Viral Bar, unless you are not using it to promote affiliate links.

How to Exclude Bots, Domains and IP Addresses in LinkTrackr

When it comes to tracking marketing efforts, it’s a given that we would want to track only real human interactions. Automatic crawlers, spiders or bots often makes up a good portion of “clicks” that are useless to us and therefore skews our data. While LinkTrackr automatically filters all known bots, there may be times when you would want to change this setting.

Not only that, you may even want to exclude clicks from specific domains or IPs, and here is how you do it.

All bots, domains and IP exclusion settings are on a per-Project basis, so you’re actually able to only set these for specific projects in your account. From your main dashboard view, find the project you wish to edit the settings for and click on the Settings option on the lower right corner.

Scroll down and set the Session & Exclusion configuration to Custom.


Make any necessary changes like in the screenshot above and click on Save Changes below when you’re done.

You can change this setting at any time and for any project within your LinkTrackr account.

What Is Overage Billing and How Does It Work?

What is Overage Billing?

Every LinkTrackr account comes with a click limit. Depending on your package tier, the click limit may be as little as 10,000 clicks per month for Basic level or up to 500,000 clicks per month for Extreme level packages.

What this means is that LinkTrackr will keep track of and redirect up to that many clicks per month. Any clicks you get beyond that will not be tracked or redirected.

While you can always upgrade your account tier to allow for more clicks, this option may not always be suitable, as you may only be expecting a traffic surge for a short period of time, or perhaps it may be something you did not expect at all that caused a huge spike in traffic. This is where overage billing comes in.

How Does it Work?

Overage billing is an option that allows your account to continue tracking clicks and redirecting links past your account limit for a small additional cost. Turning this option on will ensure that you will never have downtime for your traffic just because you hit your monthly allowance. You will be charged $0.005 per additional click for this.

You can enable or disable this at any time by clicking on your account name on the upper right of your LinkTrackr dashboard and selecting Manage Plan from the drop-down menu. You will find the Overage Billing option on the page by scrolling down a little if you do not see it right away.


How to Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel Your LinkTrackr Account

You can easily upgrade, downgrade or even cancel your LinkTrackr account from within your LinkTrackr dashboard.

To start, click on your name located at the upper right area of your dashboard and select the option Manage Plan from the drop-down menu.

This will bring you to your My Account page.

To Upgrade or Downgrade

It’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your account. From My Account, just click on either Upgrade or Downgrade on your desired new plan. You will be prompted to make a new payment for the new plan’s monthly cost. The amount shown will be the full monthly amount you’ll need to pay, but the actual amount that will be charged to you at that moment will be a pro-rated amount.

Our system will automatically take into account how much you paid for your current month and how many days are left before your next billing cycle. If you’re downgrading, you may find your next month’s invoice be slightly lower as the extra that you’ve already paid for this month is carried forward to your next bill.

Automatic PayPal Subscriptions

You will not be able to create an automatic PayPal subscription for this invoice, but for the next billing cycle you will be issued a new invoice and when you make a payment for that you will have the option of creating a new PayPal subscription.

Please also cancel your old PayPal subscription, if any.

WARNING – Downgrading Your Account

If you’re downgrading your account, make sure your account usage (amount of links and clicks) will fit into the new plan. If it does not, you may lose some data as the software automatically deletes your access links to fit with the new plan.

To Cancel Your Account

Scrolling a little bit further down in your My Account page, you will see a Cancel Account box like below. Clicking on the button here will  begin your cancellation request process.

Fill out the short cancellation form in the next page and click on the Cancel Account button below to finalize.

How to Cancel Your PayPal Subscription

To cancel your PayPal subscription, just login to your PayPal account and look for the most recent payment you’ve made to LinkTrackr.com. Click on “Details” to see complete details about the payment, and look for the link to the Subscription details.

Click on that link, and at the bottom of the screen you will be able to see a button to Cancel Subscription.

Click on that button and PayPal will ask you to confirm if you want to cancel your subscription.

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