The New ClickBank and Your Affiliate Future

New ClickBank

If you’re an affiliate, you should have noticed by now that ClickBank has a new design. Cleaner and more up-to-date with the latest design cues, it’s no doubt a big move for CB.

But behind the new interface, something else is brewing – and has been brewing for a while now for those who noticed – that may effect your future as an affiliate.

Here’s what it is: ClickBank is moving out of “get rich quick” programs.

In fact in our previous ClickBank review, we noted that one of ClickBank’s biggest boo-boo is the proliferation of scam-type ebooks and digital products related to the make-money-online niche. ClickBank vendors would already know by now how much CB has tightened it’s product review process for just about anything that mentions the possibility of making money online since 2012.

This year, the trend is becoming more obvious. ClickBank is trying to rebrand itself as a place where you can “Put Your Expertise” to work. It’s refocusing its efforts on selling digital products in “real” markets, and de-emphasizing make-money-online products.

In fact, in ClickBank’s Featured Products page, there is not a single make-money-online product mentioned:

Clickbank featured

Even under the “Business” category, ClickBank does not feature any online marketing or affiliate marketing product. I see this move as a push to “clean” it’s image and appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Furthermore, ClickBank is also attempting to engage affiliates and merchants directly by providing tools and guides previously done by their own affiliates. In fact, ClickBank already has a website builder called the “Audience Builder” for affiliates and vendors who want to maximize their ClickBank potential, at just $27 monthly.

Clickbank website builder

This falls under the new “ClickBank Powered” account type, which is perfect for marketers with little or no knowledge in building their own website. This is truly the “last mile” that for years have prevented the lass-tech-savvy from selling their own digital products with ClickBank. Now that barrier has fallen.

In other words, ClickBank has changed.

It’s no longer a place for dishonest, greedy Internet scammers to sell rip-off products and hype others to do the same. It is now a more professional, mainstream outlets for just about anyone to turn their ideas into products and sell them at a global marketplace, without worrying about merchant accounts, online security and customer service.

At least, that’s what they want us to believe.

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  • Greg says:

    Definitely like the CB changes to the website. They are looking better and focusing on quality content which should pay off in the long run.

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