Market Health Review – Is MarketHealth a Scam?

Market Health Review – Is MarketHealth a Scam?

In this Market Health review, we try to give you an honest opinion of MarketHealth as an affiliate network, and reveal if MarketHealth is a scam. Please check our review of a similar affiliate network focused on health offers, called SellHealth.

MarketHealth Review – Offers and Products

Market Health Review

Market Health as you can tell, is focused on the health & fitness niche. So unless you’re in this niche, there’s no real reason to signup for Market Health. If you are in it however, then MarketHealth has tons of offers that can fill your bank with affiliate commissions.

Most of the offers are CPA offers, with a fixed “bounty” or “reward” per action. An “action” is a sale or lead. There are also “revenue sharing” or “rev share” offers, which as calculated as a percentage of sale.

One thing you will notice is the focus on many different regions, countries and languages. If you can build a niche health site in French, for example, you can easily fill it up with related offers with landing pages in French. This is a great opportunity most affiliates in into US are not fully tapping in to.

Market Health Review – Affiliate Tools

While doing our Market Health review, we realized that it runs of the HasOffers platform. Therefore, it inherits a lot of awesome affiliate tracking tools such as tiny URLs, source attribution, up to 5 sub ids, QR code and impression pixels. As a LinkTrackr user, you can easily integrate our ad tracking features into any HasOffers platform, which is especially useful when tracking PPC clicks.

Markethealth affiliate tools

Market Health also has conversion tracking features like JavaScript, pixel and post back URLs. Again as a LinkTrackr user you can tap into our pixel tracking or conversion tracking features to get more data into each affiliate campaign. Plus, you can easily view your conversions within your Linktrackr account.

Markethealth affiliate tools 2

Other Related Market Health Reviews

Of course, you should also read what other people have to say about MarketHealth before making up your mind if you want to be an active affiliate. Here are some of the more complete MarketHealth reviews we’ve come across:

If you’re satisfied with our Market Health review, you can signup free for MarketHealth here.

Shareasale Review – Scam or Legit?

Shareasale Review – Scam or Legit?

In this Shareasale review we try to break down the pros and cons of being a Shareasale affiliate.

Shareasale Review – Merchants and Offers

One of the key factors in deciding if you should join an affiliate network is the size of their merchant database. In this aspect, Shareasale does really well.

Shareasale affiliate network

Shareasale merchants range from small businesses like us, to Fortune 500 companies. You can search offers and merchants, see new merchants added recently, top 100 merchants, and all the standard stuff you would expect with similar networks. Merchants can also use sponsored posts and placements to get more exposure via Shareasale’s login page, and other areas of the website.

You can also engage merchants in the Shareasale “Aquarium” – which is a weird name for nothing more than a forum. However, the forums look dead.

Shareasale Review – Design and Usability

This is where Shareasale sucks big time. While most affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ClickBank have revamped their design and improved their usability in the past year, Shareasale’s interface remains a big turn-off for most new affiliates.

There’s way too much information, too many options, too many features you will probably never use, and a total lack of coherence in design.

As a new affiliate who just signed up, you will find the Shareasale website too clunky and confusing. Affiliates who have been on board since the last design update (like 99 years ago) would have no trouble finding what they want, but it’s one heck of a maze for everyone else.

In fact, the vast majority of complaints from Shareasale affiliates have been about it’s overwhelming, rigid user experience. It’s a turn-off for any newbie affiliate.

Shareasale Review – Tools and Integration

The more tools an affiliate network provides, the more ways their affiliates can make money. Shareasale has its own share of features such as a text ad widget builder, where you can build your own Adsense-styled widget for your blog or website. You can also create custom deep links, which is a much better way to promote a merchant. Datafeeds are also readily available for more advanced affiliates.

Shareasale affiliate tools

Other tools include an affiliate API, affiliate page builder, and RSS notifications. Although it may seems like Shareasale is choked full of these awesome tools, I find that the quality and ease of use of almost every tool is mediocre.

In fact, it feels like they have added all these features just for the sake of having them. Actually using them will be a struggle, unless of course, you’ve been a Shareasale affiliate for a while and have learned to navigate the maze.

Shareasale affiliate tools 2

Shareasale Tracking and Payments

How do you get your commissions?

For international affiliates, you have to choose check as your payment option. Unlike networks like Ashadee or JVZoo that allow payments via PayPal, international affiliates may find it too cumbersome to wait weeks for their checks to arrive, only to spend another few weeks waiting for it to clear in their local bank.

For US / Canada affiliates, you can opt for bank transfer. There’s a fee of $30 for checks via FedEx in the US, $35 for FedEx to Canada, and $55 for all other countries.

On a side note, LinkTrackr’s affiliate program is also on Shareasale, and you can earn up to $331 per sale for each referral. Our program has one of the highest EPCs in the Marketing category, and we are frequently in the Top 100 list at Shareasale. You can get more information about our affiliate program here:

I hope this Shareasale review was helpful, and cleared any doubts you may have had if Shareasale is legit or just another scam. If you have anything to add to this Shareasale review good or bad -please leave a comment below.

Ashadee Review – Hybrid Affiliate Network

Ashadee Review – Hybrid Affiliate Network

This Ashadee review is interesting, since it is a newcomer in the world of affiliate marketing. However, Ashadee offers a fresh take on making money online by combining traditional media ads with pay-for-performance marketing.

With Ashadee, you can get paid not only for sales and leads you generate, but also for clicks, banner impressions and other actions. Other affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Peerfly and SellHealth offer one or two of the above, but not all.

In short, Ashadee is a affiliate and advertising hybrid like no other.

Ashadee review disclaimer: Ashadee is a sister company of Kreydle, owners of LinkTrackr, Heylo, Nichify and other software.

Ashadee Review: How You Get Paid

Let’s get right into the juicy details: how you get paid!

Like all the other affiliate networks reviewed on this blog, Ashadee is free to join. You have an option to verify your identity by producing personal documents (drivers license or identity card) in order to qualify for top tier programs.

You get paid every two weeks via PayPal or bank transfer for revenue generated in the prior two weeks.

In fact, Ashadee offers more bank transfer options than most US or UK based affiliate networks. Affiliates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philiphines and Singapore should be able to receive commissions in their local currencies directly to their bank accounts, instead of having to wait for a check to arrive in the mail.

Ashadee’s long term goal is to build a solid following in this region, with a population of over 200 million but routinely ignored by US-based networks like Commission Junction or ClickBank.

Ashadee Review: How You Make Money

Ashadee Review

With traditional affiliate marketing, you make money when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something. With CPA networks, you get paid for generating leads. With ad networks like Goggle Adsense, you get paid for displaying ads or for generating clicks to the advertiser’s website.

With Ashadee, you can get paid for all of the above. So, to call Ashadee an affiliate network is inaccurate. In fact, Ashadee uses the term ‘crowd advertising’ to refer to their business model.

It’s important to note in this Ashadee review, that Ashadee places more importance on localization.

This means affiliates will see more offers and products based on their geographic location. So if you’re an affiliate in Indonesia, you are more likely to see advertisers and merchants based in Indonesia, with commissions and offers in Indonesian Rupiah.

However, you are free to promote any offer in any currency. All your earnings are converted back too your local currency for payment.

That aside, everything else is similar to anything you’ve tried so far. You have unique links that you need to use to track your sales, leads and clicks. You have banner and text widgets that you can use on your website to make money from impressions and clicks, just like in Google Adsense.

Ashadee Review: Usability and Dependability

Ashadee Review and Testimonials

Ashadee is easy to use, and is definitely more more modern compared to a lot of aging affiliate networks out there. Being the new kid on the block has its advantages – Ashadee offers more tracking and reporting, as well as the possibility of integrating a lot of popular services.

Ashadee sports a “flat design” with a minimalist layout. The user interface is intuitive, with easy access to important pages and functions. The responsive design also makes Ashadee a breeze to use on touch-based devices like tablets and smartphones.

Most affiliate networks are boring, complicated, and not optimized to maximize the income of affiliates. Ashadee hopes to avoid those pitfalls, while looking to the future where mobile platforms and technologies are becoming the center of our lives.

You can signup for Ashadee here:

This Ashadee review is meant for publishers or affiliates. If you are an advertiser, you can read more on the Ashadee review page for advertisers instead.

Commission Junction Rebrands to CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction Rebrands to CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction has just rebranded themselves to “CJ Affiliate”. I first realized this after reading the news on NetProfitsToday. Their revamped their website again, to a “flatter” version, although their logo remains the same. Here are some screenshots of the home page and account area.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Ever since we started our own affiliate network at Ashadee, I stopped using CJ frequently. In fact I’m still making some residual commissions at CJ but the focus has shifted to Ashadee as we intend to make it the number 1 affiliate platform in Asia.

They’ve used the name CJ now for quite some time, so I don’t think most affiliates would realized the minor changes in the name. You can read our review of Commission Junction / CJ here.

Google Affiliate Network Shuts Down

Google Affiliate Network Shuts Down

Google Affiliate Network is shutting down for good in the next few months. When I first read the news from Marketing Pilgrim, I wasn’t very surprised. Companies like Google like to dabble in a lot of projects, but eventually most of them (like Google Reader) will be killed off.

Read the Google Affiliate Network announcement here.

For the most part, I never really used Google Affiliate Network.

I guess the main reason was my distrust for Google and their view of affiliate marketing.

On one side of the coin, Google has been increasingly critical of affiliate marketers using the Google AdWords platform, with many affiliates losing their entire businesses overnight every time Google updates their AdWords policy to be even more anti-affiliate. On the other side, projects like Google Affiliate Network highlights the fact that Google will try just about any business model once.

I never felt like Google Affiliate Network would be a long-term thing, and I didn’t want to get burned by Google again. Luckily this time, I made the right choice.

The New ClickBank and Your Affiliate Future

The New ClickBank and Your Affiliate Future

If you’re an affiliate, you should have noticed by now that ClickBank has a new design. Cleaner and more up-to-date with the latest design cues, it’s no doubt a big move for CB.

But behind the new interface, something else is brewing – and has been brewing for a while now for those who noticed – that may effect your future as an affiliate.

Here’s what it is: ClickBank is moving out of “get rich quick” programs.

In fact in our previous ClickBank review, we noted that one of ClickBank’s biggest boo-boo is the proliferation of scam-type ebooks and digital products related to the make-money-online niche. ClickBank vendors would already know by now how much CB has tightened it’s product review process for just about anything that mentions the possibility of making money online since 2012.

This year, the trend is becoming more obvious. ClickBank is trying to rebrand itself as a place where you can “Put Your Expertise” to work. It’s refocusing its efforts on selling digital products in “real” markets, and de-emphasizing make-money-online products.

In fact, in ClickBank’s Featured Products page, there is not a single make-money-online product mentioned:

Clickbank featured

Even under the “Business” category, ClickBank does not feature any online marketing or affiliate marketing product. I see this move as a push to “clean” it’s image and appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Furthermore, ClickBank is also attempting to engage affiliates and merchants directly by providing tools and guides previously done by their own affiliates. In fact, ClickBank already has a website builder called the “Audience Builder” for affiliates and vendors who want to maximize their ClickBank potential, at just $27 monthly.

Clickbank website builder

This falls under the new “ClickBank Powered” account type, which is perfect for marketers with little or no knowledge in building their own website. This is truly the “last mile” that for years have prevented the lass-tech-savvy from selling their own digital products with ClickBank. Now that barrier has fallen.

In other words, ClickBank has changed.

It’s no longer a place for dishonest, greedy Internet scammers to sell rip-off products and hype others to do the same. It is now a more professional, mainstream outlets for just about anyone to turn their ideas into products and sell them at a global marketplace, without worrying about merchant accounts, online security and customer service.

At least, that’s what they want us to believe.

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