Want an easy, hassle-free way to get more Twitter followers? Twitter now makes it easier than ever with their Tweet Button, allowing re-tweeters to “recommend” you to their followers.

Although the default Tweet button you can get from Twitter.com already had this feature since it’s inception, we’ve only recently included it in LinkTrackr. You can find this option under the viral settings page:


Now, you can make a bigger impact with LinkTrackr’s social media sharing tools. Just enter one (or two) accounts to recommend to users. The next time someone clicks on your viral bar’s Twitter Button, here’s the actual message they will be Tweeting:


You can see “via @gobala” added to the end of the message. When people see this message in Twitter, they can follow you easily by clicking on your username and choosing to follow you.

Enter at least one username, but if you have two Twitter account, feel free to enter both to simultaneously get more Twitter followers for both account with very little extra effort. For it to be effective, make sure you cloak your tracking links and make good use of the viral bar feature in LinkTrackr.

With the new Twitter format however, your actual link will me shortened and masked using Twitter’s built-in shortening service. Only part of your actual URL may be displayed, if there is enough space left in Twitter’s 140 character limit 🙂

Go get more Twitter followers now!

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