Like our ClickBank review and Commission Junction review, I hope this PayDotCom review will help you understand and explore PayDotCom better as an affiliate marketer.

PayDotCom is owned by Mike Filsaime, one of the most popular Internet marketing experts in the world. Billed by some as the “ClickBank killer”, PayDotCom also specializes in digital products, Like ClickBank, it is also commonly used by marketers selling how-to ebooks, software and web templates.

Our PayDotCom review is for affiliates, not merchants planning to sell their products on PayDotCom.

PayDotCom Review – Advantages

There are several advantages to promoting PayDotCom products as an affiliate:

  • paydotcom widgetTons of products. If you’re into promoting web software, Internet marketing guides and even niche products, PayDotCom doesn’t disappoint with the amount of products them have to offer
  • Get paid by PayPal. Getting paid as an affiliate in PayDotCom is easy, all you need is a PayPal account.
  • Better affiliate tools. PayDotCom help you make more commissions by giving you more robust affiliate tools like banners, the PayDotCom widget, and also campaign tracking.

PayDotCom Review – Disadvantages

Like any of the other affiliate networks we’ve covered, PayDotCom also has it’s share of disadvantages:

  • Affiliates are charged fees. Similar to ClickBank, affiliates are charged a fee on the commissions they make. For each sale, PayDotCom splits the fees between merchants and affiliates 50-50. Most affiliate disagree with this since unlike ClickBank, the affiliate receives no direct benefit from using PayDotCom.
  • Payout done by merchants. Unlike ClickBank however, each merchant is responsible for paying their affiliates. Therefore you may receive many individual payment (instead of one lump sum) for the products you promote on PayDotCom.
  • Commission delays. Since the payout is done by individual merchants, there will always be commission delays.
  • Poor user interface. PayDotCom’s layout and interface hasn’t changed much since it was first launched. Overall, the interface can be quite tricky and confusing for affiliates. At least with ClickBank you can instantly see your total commissions when you login.
  • Lack of documentation. New affiliates may find it hard to use PayDotCom due to the lack of online documentation. However, when compared to other affiliate networks, the documentation and help process is still within an acceptable range.

PayDotCom Review – Related Opinions

As a conclusion to my PayDotCom review, I think PDC is a great affiliate network but it could surely be improved a whole lot if the owners paid serious attention to it.

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