PeerFly is a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network, and it’s free to join.  Like most other CPA networks, PeerFly also offers CPS (Cost Per Sale) programs. However, the bulk of it’s offers are CPA offers from various merchants looking to get new leads.

Overall, PeerFly appears well set-up, with clean and easy to understand navigation. Most importantly, they have tons of CPA offers you can choose from, and quick access to the payout / performance of each.

In terms of affiliate tools, PeerFly also seems to do much better than most networks. The one feature I find extremely useful is that they allow you to place your own tracking pixels to each offer, so that you can use your own tracking software (like LinkTrackr) to track conversions.

However, most PeerFly offers are geo-targeted, so you’ll need to be able to perform geo-targeted advertising. A good way to do this is via Google AdWords or FaceBook Ads of course. Without geo-targeted advertising, you’ll just be wasting a lot of money.

Signup Here: PeerFly

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