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Once you’ve got yourself a ClickBank account, the most important thing is to get traffic via your ClickBank Hoplink to the merchant site, and start making commissions.

However, getting traffic is one of the biggest headaches in Internet marketing, especially if you;re just getting started. With LinkTrackr we make that easier for you by allowing you to cloak your ClickBank Hoplinks and spread it via our viral bar to FaceBook and Twitter.

Recently however I noticed that ClickBank started introducing a similar feature in the ClickBank marketplace. Now, you can just click on the FaceBook “Like” icon next to each product to automatically post your hoplink for that product to FaceBook.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • reddit
  • Google+
  • Hacker News
  • Newsvine
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn

However, you must be logged in to ClickBank when clicking on Like for this to work.

As useful as this feature is, it does not have a viral component. Each person who clicks on your hoplink in FaceBook will only be taken to the merchant site, where the viral cycle ends.

With LinkTrackr however, they are taken to your cloaked hoplink, so when they click on Like or Share, they are helping to spread your hoplink directly. This viral effect can get you much more free affiliate traffic than the ClickBank version.

UPDATE: This feature is no longer available in ClickBank.

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