There are times where you would need visitors from a single link to be redirected to different pages. Whether it be for split testing your landing page, sharing traffic with multiple partners or to show different offers to different people, having the ability to do so can be essential to your marketing efforts.

One of Linktrackr’s defining feature is its split testing module, which can also be used as a URL rotator. As its name implies, this option allows you to rotate traffic to multiple landing pages from a single link.

URL Rotator in Linktrackr

As mentioned above, our URL rotator is actually a part of our split testing module. It allows you to send traffic from a single link to two or more different pages, as well as how often each page receives the traffic you’re getting.

To get started, just created a new link or edit an existing link from within your account.

First, go to your list of links by either clicking on the button like above, or from the ‘Campaigns’ drop-down menu.

From here, you can either create a new link or edit an existing link to turn on the split testing / URL rotating feature, as shown in the image below:

Once you’ve entered the basic link details (link name, primary url, redirect link, etc..) just enable the Split Testing option.

NOTE: The split testing / URL rotator option is only available for Linktrackr Hyper and Linktrackr Extreme. If you do not see the option as shown above, that probably means your package does not include this feature.

A new set of options will appear once this is turned on – Split Test URLs and Persistent Cookies. We’ll focus on the first option. This is where you can enter all the different pages you want to rotate your traffic to.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there are at least TWO URLs here. You will need to enter the Primary URL and at least one other URL to split the traffic to.

Enter the primary URL as URL 1, and keep adding new URLs until all the pages you would like to rotate your traffic to is listed. Make sure to enter the percentages of traffic each page should get as you go along. All traffic will then be redistributed accordingly. For example:

There are 3 links in the above image. Now let’s say we have 100 people clicking on the tracking link. URL 1 will get 50 visitors while URL 2 and URL 3 will receive 25 visitors each. The URLs and percentages can be adjusted at any time. Just make sure that the total percentage equals 100%.

If you want returning visitors to see the same URL they did the first time they clicked, you can enable the Persistent Cookies option.

And voila! You’re done!

All traffic will now be routed through each of the different landing pages you have entered according to the traffic percentage you’ve set. You can add, remove or change the rotated pages at any time, including how much traffic each page should get. A simple, yet powerful tool.

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