URL Rotator Software

Split Incoming Traffic to Different URLs.

Use our URL rotator service to easily rotate traffic for an unlimited number of landing pages or websites.

If you’re doing promotions and advertising for a group of people, using a URL rotator or link rotator is a smart way to send high-quality traffic among each member of the group. For example, if you’re doing a lead generation campaign for members in your downline organization, each with a replicated website or agent portal, you can help your entire organization grow faster.

URL Rotator in LinkTrackr

We’ve been asked many times if we provide a URL rotator tool, and the answer is YES. It’s actually part of our split testing software, since URL rotators share many similarities with split testing.

URL rotator or link rotator

In your LinkTrackr account, create a tracking link, and enable the Split Testing feature. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can enter as many URLs as you want in our URL rotation software, and assign the percentage of traffic each link or URL should receive.

Make sure the total percentage equals 100%, and your URL rotation link is ready to use. LinkTrackr will send the first visitor who clicks on the tracking link to the first URL, the second visitor to the second URL, and so on.

Traffic is distributed according to the percentages you have set, and you can modify that any time you want. If you want returning visitors to see the same URL they did the first time they clicked, you can enable the Persistent Cookies option.

Our URL rotator, combined with the link cloaking and conversion tracking features, is probably one of the best URL rotator service you can find. To take advantage of our URL rotator tool, create your LinkTrackr account today.

We can help you track ads, improve conversions, and explode profits.


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