For the past few months, we’ve been dogged by, a URL blacklist monitor used by many other applications and software.

As a result, you cannot use the default link tracking structure in many places, including Aweber, FaceBook, Google AdWords and Bing. You may have encountered this issue if you are using the default format for your tracking links. If you’re using your own domain name, you wouldn’t have encountered any issues.

We’ve submitted many requests to “whitelist” our domains and they comply every time. However, a few weeks later it’s back in the blacklist.

The service is so poor and vague, to the extent that you cannot even find out why your site was submitted to their database in the first place. Therefore, we were completely helpless.

It didn’t take us long to discover the root cause of the issue – a Linktrackr user spamming others using our link cloaking feature. Since we cannot get the offending URL however, we do not know who this user is.

In fact, we changed how our cloaking feature works after the episode. You now need to use your own domain name to activate the cloaking feature.

However, the issue effected EVERYONE who used the domain “” in their ads, including us. Users who were not exploiting the cloaking feature could not use the default tracking links in a lot of places, and we thought this was unfair.

So we’ve recently added a second default domain as you can see from the screenshot above. For older users, you can switch to this domain within your account, under Settings > Domains. For new users, you will only see as the default domain and you do not need to change anything.

Please note that when you change to you will need to update your conversion codes as well to use the domain. In other words, your conversion codes will need to match the domain you set as the primary domain.

We hope this helps our users get through spam filters and avoid getting their ads suspended.

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