Google Affiliate Network is shutting down for good in the next few months. When I first read the news from Marketing Pilgrim, I wasn’t very surprised. Companies like Google like to dabble in a lot of projects, but eventually most of them (like Google Reader) will be killed off.

Read the Google Affiliate Network announcement here.

For the most part, I never really used Google Affiliate Network.

I guess the main reason was my distrust for Google and their view of affiliate marketing.

On one side of the coin, Google has been increasingly critical of affiliate marketers using the Google AdWords platform, with many affiliates losing their entire businesses overnight every time Google updates their AdWords policy to be even more anti-affiliate. On the other side, projects like Google Affiliate Network highlights the fact that Google will try just about any business model once.

I never felt like Google Affiliate Network would be a long-term thing, and I didn’t want to get burned by Google again. Luckily this time, I made the right choice.

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