You’ve probably come across them before – link cloaking scripts that offer “free lifetime upgrades” and “free lifetime support”. Some of them require only a small, one-time free. Others may be completely free.

You should know by now, that it’s all pure hype. Unless you are paying the developer some kind of recurring fee for updates or support, it’s simply not a sustainable business model.

We’ve been developing LinkTrackr for over 5 months now, and in those few month’s we’ve worked our ass off to fix bugs, improve certain processes, and introduce new features like the email reports and social media integration.

We’ve also added a cool online BBCode generator & editor that you can use to promote your cloaked links in forums, and written a pretty comprehensive forum marketing guide and ClickBank hoplinks guide.

We know for a fact that there is no way any software developer can offer free lifetime upgrades or updates without going out of business. Chances are, they will no longer be in business one year down the road.

When we started working on LinkTrackr, we had the option to either make it a script that you can download and use on your own server, or a web-based SAAS (Software as A Service) – and we chose the latter.


Because we’ve used dozens of link tracking and link cloaking scripts and PC-based software before, and quite honestly none of them met our high standards. Almost all the software we tested has some major drawbacks:

  • Its tedious to install / upgrade scripts on your website
  • PC-based software tends to not work on all platforms (especially Windows 7)
  • Upgrades and updates never came – we waited for 2 years!
  • Things get outdated pretty fast – the Internet is constantly changing!

With LinkTrackr however, support and upgrades are a part and parcel of our offer. Think of LinkTrackr not as a software, but more as a service. We constantly improve what we already have while planning for the future and testing new features.

By the end of 2010, LinkTrackr will without doubt be the best link cloaking and masking service around, and it will continue to dominate for years to come.

Five years from now, when everyone offering free lifetime updates go bust, we’ll still be around.

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