Our team has been working hard over the past two months to produce a new and improved LinkTrackr Version 2.0 – and it’s definitely worth the wait. Just login to your account to day to see how version 2.0 looks and feels like.

(Please clear your browser cache, and logout / login again if you don’t see the changes)

If you’re not a LinkTrackr user yet, you can signup now and get access to all these features right away. So… what’s new?

Brand New Analytics Package – All Accounts

Previously, you could only get stats for total clicks, campaigns, and the raw referrer data. With version 2.0 however, we’ve improved how this data is grouped and presented to you.

You can now also see the total traffic by campaign, referral source, and browser type. You get the most important information right where you want to find it, with more detailed analytics available when clicking on the full stats page.

Referrer Tracking

The end result? Better intelligence on your marketing campaigns that help you make smarter choices as an affiliate or Internet marketer. You can now easily see where your clicks are coming from, and drill down to individual pages of that particular site.

The new analytics feature is available to all members in any plan.

Brand New Dashboard & Improved Usability – All Accounts

Our new and improved home page gives you a “big picture” of how your entire marketing system is working, with Top 10 categories for traffic, referrers, campaigns and browsers.

LinkTrackr Version 2.0

Plus, we’ve also added a “Getting Started” mode that is activated by default, to help new users get started faster. You can switch to Video Tutorials Mode is you need step-by-step guidance, or turn on Normal Mode if you’re already a pro. The next time you login, you’ll be logging in to your preferred mode.

One of the most important improvements (that you will never notice) is the overall usability optimization of version 2.0. The only time you will realize the difference is when you’re able to do things faster and more efficiently, with fewer clicks and steps than before.

Yup, this is an “invisible” feature that gives you a highly optimized database, faster responses times, and a more user-friendly interaction. Our goal is to make is easier for you to get your work done, without having to wrestle LinkTrackr into submission!

The new dashboard and improved usability applies to all accounts.

Brand New Conversion Tracking – Pro and Xtreme Accounts

Although you can use TID affiliate tracking in any plan, our new Custom Conversion Tracking is a life-saver for anyone using LinkTrackr to market their own products. By placing a simple conversion tracking code in your “Thank You” pages, you can now track multiple conversions across multiple domains.

Conversion Tracking

Plus, you can also track your conversion rates and total conversion amount. Using this feature, you can even track email marketing clicks and conversions. If you’re an affiliate but can negotiate with the product owner to put in your conversion code in the “Thank You” page, then you can use this feature to track affiliate conversions as well.

To get the sales conversion tracking feature you must have a Pro or Xtreme account. You can upgrade your account from the account area.

Brand New Landing Page A/B Split Testing – Xtreme Accounts Only

If you’re selling anything online, you should be familiar with the concept of landing pages. A “landing page” can be an optin page (squeeze page), a full sales page, a video page or even a PPC page for Google AdWords.

One of the most important questions with any landing page is “What is my conversion rate?”. Once you figure that out, the most important question then becomes “How do I improve my conversion rate?”.

Most established marketers know that a small tweak in your landing page can result in massive improvements on your conversion rate, which in turn can result in a significantly higher profit in the long term. That’s why we decided that A/B split testing is an absolute must-have for LinkTrackr.

AB Split Testing Software

With LinkTrackr’s split testing feature, you can test as many different landing pages as you want. Together with the conversion tracking code, you’ll be able to easily see which landing pages convert better.

To get the A/B split testing feature you must have a LinkTrackr Xtreme account. You can upgrade your account from the account area.

Thank you to all LinkTrackr Evangelists and users for giving us valuable feedback on what you expect from LinkTrackr. Although we’ve only been around since July 2010 (eight months), we’ve very quickly developed LinkTrackr into one of the best (if not the best) tool for marketers.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the new version. If you want to send us a testimonial, just submit it here and it will be used on our main page.

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