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Link tracking is what seperates the men from the boys in online advertising.

Are you struggling to market your website, product or service? Spending too much money on AdWords, FaceBook ads and banner ads, but still can’t turn a profit? To quote John Wanamaker, the father of modern advertising:

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So which half of your advertising is a waste of money? Answer that, and your online profits will explode. When it comes to online advertising and marketing, link tracking is king.

Professional marketers never sent traffic directly to their website or landing page. They never place a “naked” link on any other website, especially is its an affiliate link. Instead, they create a “tracking link” that will act as a redirect to the actual landing page or website URL.

By doing this, they can centralize all their landing pages in one tracking application, and make changes instantly without having to go back to the websites or pages. If you’re not tracking your links, you’re probably leaving tons of money on the table, spending more than you can afford, and struggling to keep up with dozens of online marketing campaigns.

Some ad campaigns may be super profitable, but the unprofitable ones eventually cause you to bleed.

In other words, if you can discover which half of your advertising isn’t working, you can focus only on the half that is working, you can literally double your profits.

How Our Link Tracking Works

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With LinkTrackr, creating tracking links is easy. All you have to do is enter your destination URL, and give your tracking link a name. Then, use the tracking link in your ads and promotions. Link Tracking with LinkTrackr When a visitor clicks on your tracking link, LinkTrackr places a cookie on the user’s computer, as well as generate a unique Click Tracking ID or CTID. This is a string of encrypted numbers and alphabets. We then redirect the user to the destination URL.

The entire process takes a fraction of a second. Other link tracker software use only cookies, which severely limits what you can track and how you track. With our unique CTID, you are much less dependent on cookies, and have more reliable data.

Affiliate Marketing with Your Link Tracker


Our link tracker software works perfectly for affiliates too! Our CTID can be passed through any affiliate network using SubID tracking. You can also pass the CTID to affiliate networks with pixel tracking or postback tracking if the network supports it. If you’re promoting your own website, then you can use the standard conversion tracking codes to record sales and leads throughout your sales funnel.

We can help you track ads, improve conversions, and explode profits.


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