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How Tracking Technology Works in LinkTrackr

Watch this video if you have never used a tracking software before, or if you are not sure how it works.

In this video I explain how cookies work, how LinkTrack places cookies on a user’s computer, and how it tracks conversions.

New Features Introduced  July 2015

Some of the video below may differ from the current interface of LinkTrackr, due to changes and improvements we made in July 2015.

Watch this video to discover what these changes are.

LinkTrackr Overview & Walkthrough

Watch this video first to get an overview of where to find what in LinkTrackr, and understand the general user interface.

If you have not purchased Shorty, you can signup here, or read more about LinkTrackr here.

How to Configure & Use Projects

A “Project” is the highest level of management for your links and campaigns. You can set different projects, switch between projects, and grant user access to selected projects only.

Using Custom Domains – CNAME Example

You can use your own domain name instead of the default provided by LinkTrackr.

There are two methods you can use, with CNAME or the redirect script. In this video I show you the CNAME method in NameCheap and GoDaddy.

Using Custom Domains – Redirect Script

If you want to use a domain name that is already being used for something else, then CNAME is not an easy option.

You may want to consider using the redirect scrip provide by LinkTrackr. You will need an FTP and basic understanding of how to upload and rename files.

Create a Cloaked / Tracking Link

It all starts with a tracking link, which will shorten, cloak and redirect your visitors to the URL you actually want to take them to.

Watch this video where I explain how to create a basic link, as well as a cloaked link, and how to view your stats.

Track Your Ads & PPC Costs

Once you have setup goals and tracking links, you should start creating campaigns for tracking specific ads.

LinkTrackr can help you track PC ads (Adwords, FaceBook), email clicks, solo emails, and almost any type of ad that involves a click.

Use the Campaign feature to get better reports, a deeper understanding of your marketing, and maximize your profitability.

Pixel Code to Track Conversions

LinkTrackr allows you to track conversions for sales and leads (more options coming in the near future).

It starts with understanding your funnel and what you want to track. Then, you have to create “Thank You” pages for each goal. In this video, I show you how to add those pages in Shorty and start tracking the conversion, conversion rates and the conversion timeline for your goals.

Moving Links & Campaigns Between Projects

Links and campaigns can be moved between projects to better organize your work.

In this video I explain how to do that, and the limitations and side effects of moving active tracking links to anothe project.

Track ClickBank Affiliate Links & Commissions

This is a specific tutorial for ClickBank affiliates.

With the TID tracking feature in LinkTrackr, you can get conversion reports and upload them to LinkTrackr.

We will match your affiliate commissions to the exact click, giving you tons of new data.

Tracking Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon imposes a lot of restrictions for affiliates in terms of third-party reporting.

In this video I show you how to cloak an Amazon affiliate link, and the limitations you have to deal with when promoting Amazon products.

Reports & Charts Overview

In this video I explain how to read the charts, and how to get the data you need to display properly in the graphs.

With our reports, you can get virtually any type of data you want, when you know how to tweak the report settings.

Creating Shared Reports

You can share your reports and graphs with anyone you want, for example a JV partner or a client.

In this video I show you to add new users to your reports and control their access.

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