Pixel Tracking Code

Track Anything With Our Pixel Tracking Service

A pixel tracking code can help you track conversions on your own landing pages, a partner site, or even affiliate networks.

LinkTrackr’s pixel tracking service is easy to use, and capable of tracking multiple sales and leads within the same funnel. Compared to other conversion tracking methods like Sub ID tracking or postback tracking, pixel tracking codes are mainstream and used by everyone from Google to remarketing sites in one form or another.

It’s also the most flexible as you do not need additional scripts or programming to make a pixel tracking code work on your website. Pixel codes can also be used in emails to track email open rates.

So How do Tracking Pixels Work?

Pixel tracking is not complicated suff. In fact it’s “ancient” technology similar to counting banner impressions. An image is hosted on a server, and the HTML code for the image is put into a page or post.

Every time the page load, the image loads (or “fires” as they say in the indutry). Every impression of the pixel image will be recorded as a conversion for a sale or a lead, depending on how you use it.

pixel tracking code

In the screenshot above, you can see an example of the 1x1 pixel code used by LinkTrackr. This is essentially an image that measures 1 pixel wide by 1 pixel tall. It’s virtually undetectable by the naked eye on a typical landing page.

However, LinkTrackr’s pixel tracking software allows you to track much more than just the occurance of the conversion.

  • You can  pass along variables like CVN (Conversion Name) or CVA (Conversion Amount) from your shopping cart or affiliate network.
  • You can also specify a unique conversion id in the pixel tracking code to prevent duplicate pixel impressions from being recorded as sales.
  • LinkTrackr’s built-in cookie and tracking system gives you the geo-location (IP Address) of the sale, the referring traffic source, campaign or subcampaign name, and much more.

Pixel Tracking for Affiliates

Most newer affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs allow you to place a tracking “pixel” in the merchant’s pages. When a sale is generated from your affiliate link, this pixel is fired and the information is passed back to your LinkTrackr account. For older affiliate networks, you’ll need to depend on SubID tracking instead.

Here”s why you should use the awesome pixel tracking service and features in LinkTrackr:

  • Stop relying on the accuracy of your affiliate network’s tracking system
  • Works with HasOffers and all platforms modelled after HasOffers
  • Works with affiliate program software or scripts like iDevAffiliate
  • No scripts or messy software to install – LinkTrackr is 100% web based

Pixel tracking and postback URL tracking in enabled in all our advanced plans.

We can help you track ads, improve conversions, and explode profits.


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