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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Amazon affiliate links in your LinkTrackr account to track clicks and other important data. Getting a regular HTML link should be easy if you know the basics, but since Amazon now has tons of different product widgets and links it can be pretty confusing to a beginner.

Amazon Affiliate Link

Step 1: Login to your Amazon Associates account at and make sure you are working with the correct account. In the example above, I am working with the ID “classicguitar-20”.

Step 2: Enter the product name or search term and click on “Go”. Amazon will return a list of related products.

Amazon Affiliate Link

Step 3: Find the product you want, and click on the highlighted icon (not on “Get Link”). This is the easiest way to get a regular HTML link.

Amazon Affiliate Link

Step 4: How just highlight the raw HTML link as per the example above, and right click to copy the link. This is how the raw link looks like:

All raw HTML links should start with “…” – these are the only type of links that will work in LinkTrackr, PPC ad networks or any other link tracking software. It should also contain your Amazon affiliate ID.

Amazon also offers a short version of the link. The get it just click on “Shorten URL with”

Amazon Affiliate Link

The shorten link is encrypted so you will no longer see your affiliate ID or any other variable like ASIN or the product name. It’s much easier to work with and the chances of making a mistake with your links a much lower.

Amazon Affiliate Link

If you click on “Get Link” in step 3 instead of the HTML link shortcut, you will be taken to the complete linking options page filled with all type of widgets and link formats. If you are on this page, you can choose the “Text Only” tab and manually copy the required HTML by highlighting only the link as shown above. However, unless you are very careful, it’s easy to make a mistake.

Amazon Affiliate Link

So we would recommend you just right click on the link preview and choose “Copy Link Address”. This is safer and actually much easier. With either method, the actual HTML link you get is the same.

Amazon Affiliate Link

Now login to your LinkTrackr account, click on “Add New Link” and fill up the form. The example above shows you how to do it by entering only the HTML link – no widget codes, no image or pixel codes, and no iFrame codes.

Amazon Affiliate Link

After creating the Link, make sure you test it out. When you click on your tracking link, it should take you directly to a page on If you do not see a complete page, you have not done it correctly.

Common mistakes:

  1. Entering the “iFrame” code into LinkTrackr. Your link will work but you will only see the iFrame widget and not the page
  2. Entering pixel image codes.
  3. Not including “http” in your link

So we hope this Amazon tutorial has helped you understand how to get a regular Amazon affiliate link and use it within your LinkTrackr account.

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  • Jerry Samuels says:

    How do you check the “linktrack-Amazon” link?

    In your example above near the very end you say ” After creating the link, make sure you test it out”. This is the most important step and you do not show us how to do it. I’m still having problems creating my links properly. I can check the amazon link with their “link checker”; but I do not know how to check the “linktrack-amazon link. How do you check the “linktrack-Amazon” link?

  • Bjoern says:

    I’m not using the Amazon affiilate system, but just out of curiosity: Will Linktrackr show the conversions for the traffic at Amazon? (what linktrackr links generated how many sales at Amazon)

  • Vaibhav says:

    Great tip. Just need a confirmation – does amazon allow redirecting links through services like linktrackr?

  • Katrice says:

    Nice post. Additionally, what is the name of this theme?

  • Ariel says:

    Can an amazon affiliate use linktrackr’s cloaked links directly on Pinterest without these links being detected as spam? How can I contact someone at linktrackr to ask questions that I have about this service?

  • Greg says:

    On the amazon products page where is the shorten amazon URL tab?. See:
    Amazon also offers a short version of the link. The get it just click on “Shorten URL with”

    I do not see it anywhere. Thanks

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