JVZoo Review – New ClickBank Killer?

JV Zoo Affiliate Network

JVZoo is perhaps the most talked-about affiliate network among Internet marketers today, and in this JVZoo review we’ll tray to explain why.

There’s a very good reason to love them: they pay your affiliate commissions instantly to your PayPal account.

I mean, why wait weeks or months to get paid for your efforts?

Although relatively new, JVZoo has achieved amazing traction among marketers in the “make money online” or “get rich quick” niche market. In this JVZoo review, we’ll find out exactly why most marketers prefer to promote JVZoo Products on their blogs and to their mailing lists.

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JVZoo Review: Instant Commissions to PayPal

First and foremost, JVZoo commissions are instant via PayPal. In my opinion this is the number one reason affiliates are flocking to JVZoo. As compared to ClickBank who makes it hard for new affiliates to get paid, and traditional networks like Commission Junction that may take up to 90 days to pay your commissions, JVZoo uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments technology to pay you instantly at the point of sale.

According to their site:

Our system runs on Paypal’s adaptive payment system which allows your payments to go directly into your PayPal account the moment a sale is made. Unlike other instant payment systems with Paypal, JVZoo has a true payment system that allows you to be paid for EVERY sale that is made.

If you’ve been in affiliate marketing long enough you would have probably tried various affiliate programs that implement “instant split PayPal payment” for sales and commissions – sites like . In theory the program will split payments received from buyers between sellers and buyers, directly to their PayPal account. In practice however, it uses a rotational order button to distribute payment between the seller and affiliates at the percentage set by the seller.

In other words, if a seller set commissions to be 50%, the first sale will be made to the seller’s PayPal account, while the second sale will be made to the affiliate’s PayPal account. The third sale goes back to the seller’s PayPal account, and so on.

There’s a massive problem with this model: REFUNDS!

When a buyer requests for a refund, the seller would have to check if the payment was made to his PayPal account, or to the affiliate’s PayPal account. If he did not receive the payment, he would have to ask the buyer to contact the affiliate directly (or contact the affiliate on the seller’s behalf) to get a refund.

As you can expect, this is a very messy and potentially destructive for your online reputation. Buyers would find it difficult to get their money back from the affiliate, especially when some of them may have never known a third person was involved in their purchase.

It has also landed more than a few marketers and affiliates in trouble with PayPal, partly due to the complaints by buyers when they do not receive their refunds.


With PayPal’s adaptive payment however, a single payment is truly split between the seller, JVZoo, and you. When the seller initiates a refund for the buyer, PayPal will automatically deduct the split amount from all three accounts.

But it gets even better – JVZoo offers customer services to all buyers.

As you can see from the PayPal screenshot below for a commission I received from JVZoo, they list their URL and phone number for customer service.


This creates the ideal win-win situation for all parties involved. Sellers get to be hands-free on billing matters, customers get good service and prompt refund fulfillment, and affiliates get paid instantly.

JVZoo Review: Integration With Warrior Forum


Another big thing we want to mention in our JVZoo review is the integration with Warrior Forum, probably the largest marketplace for Internet marketing products. This is done through their “Automated WSO Failover System”, which is basically a replicated offer of your original WSO post on their own forum.

A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) forum is where hundreds of Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche post huge discounts for their products. Some even sell exclusively through the Warrior Forum.

However, Warrior Forum has frequent downtimes, and every second the site is down both sellers and affiliates lose money.

According to JVZoo:

JVZoo’s new system checks to see if the Warrior Forum is up and running every few seconds. If it is down, your backup URL kicks into gear. That means all of the affiliate links will now point to your backup!

JVZoo Review: Instant Affiliate Bonus Fulfillment


Offering a bonus to your subscribers and blog readers is a great way to rake in higher commissions. However, the manual process in delivering bonuses can be quite tedious.

With JVZoo however, you have a built-in system for delivering any bonus you want to your buyers.

According to the JVZoo website:

Now, when you promote a product through JVZoo, we will also deliver your bonus for you, completely hands off to you! All you need to do is simply enter your URL of where your bonus is, or upload the bonus file to our servers and when someone goes through your link and purchases, their bonus from you will be waiting for them on the receipt.

JVZoo Review: IPN Notification System for Developers


Developers and third-party software owners would love JVZoo’s each integration via their own IPN, as well as PayPal’s IPN.

Their IPN seems to be copied from (or borrowed from) ClickBank’s IPN, and I think it’s a smart thing to do if you want ClickBank affiliates to be able to migrate easily. We managed to use it without much issues when setting up Sociabot, our social media automation product.

Documentation is reasonably well-prepared, another plus for developers who don’t want to waste too much time figuring out the JVZoo backend.

JVZoo Review: User Interface

Of course, we cannot conclude this JVZoo review without commenting on the look and feel.

Although JVZoo’s interface leaves much to be desired, it’s practical and easy to navigate. A lot of thought has been put into helping you find the information you need when you need it, although the poor design betrays that.

No mobile version site or mobile app is available for JVZoo at the moment of writing. I also noticed quite a number of irregularities when using different browsers.

However, I think a design makeover could be just around the corner. If they do redesign their website, it would make JVZoo much more appealing to potential affiliates.

So is JVZoo a ClickBank killer? Yes they are, in my opinion.

Although there are no numbers, I don’t think JVZoo has even 10% of the affiliates ClickBank has. That could change in a few years though, as most affiliates seem to be disenchanted with ClickBank’s recent policy changes.

It’s not easy to unseat one of the largest digital product affiliate networks on the Internet. But perhaps that’s not what JVZoo needs to succeed. As long as they keep engaging sellers, buyers and affiliates the way they do now, they could carve out a strong niche market for themselves and ensure survival in a competitive market.

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  • have you had issues getting funds from PayPal that were deposited from JVZoo? account freezing? anything like that?

  • David Jonn says:

    Hi Gobala, great post – thanks for sharing this info. It makes a lot of sense.

  • Thanks for doing the review, guys. It makes my search for the right program a whole lot easier.

  • Marcel Spitz says:

    Hi dear friend,
    I came across JvZoo some time ago and because I am Dutch too, I follow them. 😉
    The extra features they provide compared to Clickbank, is another great side of JvZoo.
    Have a great time!

  • Kevin Wiley says:

    Hi Gobala, I remember when this post first came out and wanted to read it again. Recently, I had heard that JVZoo adds your customers to their subscriber list and will email them directly. It might be rare that JVZoo would be promoting a product at the same time I am but I would like your thoughts on the subject.

    • Really? I do know that JV Zoo emails their affiliates a few times a day, not sure about your customers..

      • Yes, they add your customers to their house list so they receive an email at least once a day with the pick of the day, plus notifications from the vendors they’ve purchased from before. I just include a message early in my follow-up autoresponder sequence explaining how it works and assuring the customers it’s okay to unsubscribe from those lists.

  • Liz Keen says:

    We have had nothing but problems with jvzoo. As a customer on the two occasions we have bought through an jvzoo affiliate we can get reciepts – we cant get access to anyone – in fact it has been a total nightmare – it might work for you guys who are selling through jvzoo but it sure doesnt seem to work for the people buying!!!!!

    • Norman says:

      Everytime I purchase from my favourite product seller I have a problem. Cant access the product I have changed my password 4 times and still cant access without error messages. I have written (emailed) JVZoo and have NEVER received a reply. JVZ is for the seller never the buyer. Seller beware.

  • Kevin Wiley says:

    The comments below are directly from Welly Mula’s New Site http://www.Zaxaa.com. I received his email right when I was thinking of listing my products on a Affiliate Network or a JV Partnership. It just made me think, of all the many positive points to reference it was these that he ncluded?
    ** Important Note ** Unlike other similar platform:
    We do NOT email/contact YOUR customers promoting other people’s (and possibly your competitors’) products. Your customers are ONLY for you to keep.
    We also do NOT act as your affiliate when customers purchase your products — meaning we don’t get affiliate commissions from the sale of your products.
    We, Zaxaa, are purely a platform.

  • I’m a big JVZoo fan. First as a customer, then as an affiliate and now as a seller.

    As a customer, one of the things I appreciate is having all of my purchases in one place. Makes it so much easier to find products I’ve purchased – even months before. All in one easy-to-use interface.

    As an affiliate JVZoo isn’t the easiest interface to use. But again, it keeps it all in one place.

    As a vendor, I love that they handle all of my affiliate payments – and they give me the choice on whether or not to pay instantly, on a per-affiliate basis. Refunds are also a breeze – single click and they take care of sorting out who pays what from where. Love it!

    Naturally there are a few downsides. First is the lack of training and documentation. I have watched all of their “tutorials” (term used loosely) and filed a LOT of tickets, learning to use the system as a seller. But I’ve now written my own documentation and it’s working well for me. Can add a product in record time!

    Like others I don’t like it that they add my customers to their list. But since they only charge me 5% and no setup fee – I consider it a cost of doing business. I merely tell my customers in their first autoresponder message that they don’t need to stay subscribed to the JVZoo list in order to get updates on MY products. So they are free to unsubscribe.

    Overall, this is the best third-party payment processor available today.

  • Jackie says:

    Another great option is the JVZOO Ad Manager Plugin. You’ll find this plugin to be an excellent method for promoting your products and it also will provide an approved affiliates product feed on your blog. It also gives you a choice of placing your feed in the header, above the post, below the post, in the footer, or in the sidebar. In addition, you have the availability of displaying the JVZoo feed in WordPress anywhere shortcodes are allowed and appropriate by simply using shortcode (jvzoo).

    Download the JVZOO Ad Manager Plugin here: http://goo.gl/o0YLY

  • Isaiah Joe says:

    Thanks for this detailed review, i really appreciate it, it is soo wonderful to see a program that pays as fast as this.
    Please i have a quick question for you:

    Can i run any offer from Jvzoo on my technology blog??
    Thanks alot.

    • Florentino Detres says:

      Here are my 2 cents on this subject. I for one was an avid customer of JVZoo. I would buy several affiliate products through them and if I had a problem I would get my money back. “PROVIDED” that the seller and affiliate were on the same page of honesty. That wasn’t the case recently when a software I bought through JVZoo, to use with Facebook, stopped working abruptly seven days after I purchased it. I contacted the seller and affiliate, who both never returned my emails. Contacted JVZoo, who wanted no part of it and referred me to the seller. Several days go by before the seller contacts all the buyers through email, stating that Facebook “slapped” their software because of TOS violations of Facebook rules. I had spent close to $120 on these two purchases and they are telling me that for all intents and purposes they no longer function. The seller obviously dropped the ball by not doing his homework and creating a software that conformed to Facebook’s rules. Finally I had to resort to try and get my refund from Paypal, who could not help for whatever reason in getting my money back. Then after contacting my bank and explaining to them in detail of what happened with these purchases, they deposited the money into my account before I even got off the phone with them. That’s how sure they were in that I was wronged and they were definitely getting the money back. So for you people that say it’s great because they pay out instantly, it is not the way to do business these days. Especially when there is a potential of smart scammers someday reeking havoc on a system like this. Where all the funds have been dispersed and nothing held back for possible refunds. It was a nightmare to say the least in getting my money back, without the help of JVZoo, the seller nor the affiliate whatsoever.

    • Gerald Eberhardt says:

      I’d suggest you read my comment below.

  • Gerald Eberhardt says:

    I recommend you not deal with JVZoo or allow your purchases to remain with them. I have just spent 12 days trying to access my down loads with no success. This mounts to several hours. “Support” presents 3 choices no value to me. “contact Us” returns you to Support and the same 3 useless choices. I do get new passwords when requested. I have 3 or four of them and none work. I went to Alexa. They state that no contact infor available. I have done several Searches but this is the closest I’ve come to being able to contact them. I do, of course, have one more option. By the way, don’t deal with WSO since they send your purchases to JVZoo whether you like it or not.

    • FYI – there is a full support desk for JVZoo at support.jvzoo.com/ I’ve never waited over a day to get a personal response. They are very helpful and thorough in helping you get what you need.

      • That is nice, I did notice that on the JVzoo website they obstruct links to that help desk, why is that? I find it troubling that JVzoo attempts to hide links to its help desk by referring the customer to the sales agent more so when the sales agent is committing a crime.

      • Norman says:

        The fact that you have never had to wait more than a day for a response from JVZ support may have something to do with you being a seller NOT a buyer. Try buying from JVZ then tell me you got a response.

    • norman castelli says:

      Absolutely. The same problems for me. I now ask first – do you deal through JVZoo? then cancel the transaction. Trying to find your downloads after payment is equivalent to extracting your teeth with plyers. The problem seems to be in the ambiguous procedure buttons that usually send you back where you started. I have just opened a dispute with one of their sellers. Maybe sell but dont buy through JV ZOO.
      Never buy through JV Zoo. As for WSO never again they deal through JV Zoo.

    • norman castelli says:

      You’re not alone. The worst organisation to deal with after purchase is JV Zoo. They do the initial contact with you extolling the virtues of each product like its theirs. Then after payment for the product they will never be seen again. In short they take no responsibility whatsoever.
      Dont buy through them ever. I still dont have my product download.

    • Norman says:

      I totally agree. My favourite product will suffer as a result of JVZoo and their no communications policy and also WSO neither of which have any interest in what happens to your money.

    • Frank Tan says:

      I have trouble asking for refund

    • Frank Tan says:

      I have trouble asking for refund

  • Joseph says:

    Hi there,
    I just joined jvzoo.com, I’m finding product to promote, but I need some help!
    So what is “conv” mean? and how long does it take to request a product?
    I tried one and it took pretty long time! Now I see 2 lines: Get link and Sales Funnel, And when I choose that product, which commission, EPC,….I will earn? In the first line or second?
    Please help me to make that easier!!!
    Thank you!

    • Joseph – JVZoo is only the third party. When you request permission to promote a product, you have to wait for the vendor. Needless to say, some are not as responsive as others.

      You want to Get Link to get your affiliate link. The Sales Funnel link shows you all of the products in that group – the upsells and downsells Generally you are approved for the full funnel so that when you promote the first product, you also get credit if they buy the other products in the funnel. Each product carries its own commission, EPC, etc – because it depends on how it was set up, as well as how many people actually see that portion of the funnel – which depends on their choices in the buying process.

      Confused? Just pick up your link and start promoting. Everything else will take care of itself.

  • Gerald says:

    Before you purchase from WSO or allow JVZoo to hold your purchases, read my experience with JVZoo at http://www.Ripoff.com.

  • Christian R. says:

    I’m interested in Jvzoo as it has created quite

    a stir in the Ineternet Marketing world.

    Yes , I would prefer to get paid through

    Paypal and instantly.

  • Babyboy says:

    The amount of $1,800 in my paypal account just disappear after I connect my paypal account with jvzoo… Be careful guys…!!!!!!

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