Although most people would use LinkTrackr to clicks from their WordPress blogs or forum signatures, LinkTrackr can also be used as a great email click tracking software.

If you’re using a service like Aweber or GetResponse, you’re probably already used to the built-in email click tracking features. However, this feature can fail at times, leaving you clueless to the actual performance of your email campaign. Here’s an example from my campaigns:

email click tracking

As you can see from the screenshot, on a particular mailing Aweber’s email click tracking failed completely. There’s just no way that email could have received only six clicks when the emails sent before and after if (on different days) received more than 300 clicks each.

Why did this happen? Honestly, I don’t know. I guess the most important thing to ask is “Do I have backup click tracking tool for my email autoresponders?”. If you don’t, then you’ll always be frustrated when something like that happens.

Email Click Tracking Tactics

With LinkTrackr you can track clicks in your email, as well as implement affiliate conversion tracking, to get a complete overview of how each email campaign is doing.

To do this, just create a new tracking link in your dashboard, and make sure you use TID tracking variable if you’re promoting ClickBank products or other affiliate links. Here’s how my affiliate link for HostGator looks like:


While entering the affiliate link, I used the TID tracking variable (lt-campaign) so that I can incorporate Commission Junction’s affiliate tracking features and accurately determine where my sales are coming from.


When I sent out the email, I used the tracking ID of “sale”, and you can see above how easy it is for me to recognize that particular promotion from all the other sources of clicks. LinkTrackr reported that I received 472 unique clicks, which is similar to what Aweber’s email click tracking feature reported.

When I check my Commission Junction stats, I can clearly see the sales that resulted from the single email:


LinkTrackr Email Click Tracking Benefits

So here’s why you should start using LinkTrackr as an email click tracking tool, to replace or complement the click tracking system already in your chosen email marketing software:

  1. Track all traffic sources – Unlike the build in email click tracking, with LinkTrackr you can easily track clicks from all sources of traffic, including your blogs or websites
  2. Affiliate conversion tracking – You can track affiliates sales with our affiliate conversion tracking feature, which no email marketing software can do.
  3. Modify or Redirect your links – Unlike the built-in click trackers, you can always login to your LinkTrackr dashboard and manage the tracking link anytime, just in case you put in the wrong link in the first place 🙂
  4. Centralized reporting and management – Unlike the built-in click trackers, you can view all your stats from all your promotions in one place, and also receive weekly email reports on the best performing links.
  5. As a Backup – If you think that your email marketing software already has awesome features, then use LinkTrackr as a backup tracker. You’ll never be caught off guard when the default email click tracking tools  stop working. You can also use LinkTrackr to verify the stats produced by the default click tracking tool.

If you don’t have a LinkTrackr account yet, you can create one for free and test it out. It works (in my opinion) better than most email click tracking tools out there.

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