Health products are huge online, and you’ve probably heard stories of people making thousands per day promoting health products that you assumed no one will ever buy. But where do you start, and what do you promote?

Read this SellHealth review to understand why SellHealth if a great place to start if you’re focused on the health and fitness niche. We try to be as unbiased as possible in our review of SellHealth.

SellHealth Review: How Is It Different?

SellHealth Review

SellHealth is a great place to start making money in the health industry, especially if you’re looking for sexual health and anti-aging products that are proven to sell.

Here’s the complete range of products in the network so far:

  1. Men’s Health
  2. Women’s Health
  3. Sexual Health
  4. Anti Aging
  5. Skin Care
  6. Hair Products
  7. Weight Loss

So kind of money are we talking about here?

You would expect physical products to pay very little commissions, but the truth is most of the products payout between 30% – 50% per sale. This is because markets like sexual health and weight loss are highly competitive and vendors are dying to get you on board as an affiliate.

SellHealth Review: Affiliate Tools and Training

SellHealth Review - Conversion Code Of course, the health industry is ultra-competitive and you need to be quite aggressive in building and promoting a website to market almost any type of product.

So SellHealth provides you more than just banners – for any particular program, you can get promotional videos, website templates, endorsements, exit offer scripts and much more.

The feature I really appreciate is the conversion tracking tool – you can enter your own Google AdWords or Yahoo/ MSN conversion IDs to track sales from your PPC ads. As vital as this may seem, a lot of affiliate networks still don’t allow you to track conversions like this.

SellHealth Review: How to Apply to SellHealth

To work with SellHealth, all you need to do is signup free. There is a manual approval process, so make sure you fill in accurate information about yourself, your country, phone number and website details.

If you don’t already have a website in the health industry, put in your highest ranking website that is somewhat related to the health industry.

Apply Here: Sell Health

Updates: Here’s an unsolicited review of SellHealth from my FaceBook page:

SellHealth Review on FaceBook

Direct access: Once you have signed up, you can contact Drew Clement (affiliate manager) directly at and inquire about your approval process. As long as you have a decent website, you should not have much problems getting approved.

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