Customized LinkTrackr Referral Page – Give Your Friends a Discount!

Customized LinkTrackr Referral Page – Give Your Friends a Discount!

We’ve just enabled custom referral pages for all LinkTrackr users. Here’s how a custom referral page looks like LIVE:

You can view your offer page by replacing “gobala” with your own LinkTrackr username.

  • Pages only exist if you are an active LinkTrackr user (excluding LinkTrackr classic users)
  • Your name is derived from the information in your LinkTrackr account.
  • Your profile image is taken from – make sure you’ve added the email address you use in your LinkTrackr account.
  • Your friends get an additional 5% discount for yearly payments (total 25% discount) when they signup for LinkTrackr from your referral page.

Help someone you know make smarter marketing decisions and get karma points when their business makes more profit.

Commission Junction Rebrands to CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction Rebrands to CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction has just rebranded themselves to “CJ Affiliate”. I first realized this after reading the news on NetProfitsToday. Their revamped their website again, to a “flatter” version, although their logo remains the same. Here are some screenshots of the home page and account area.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Ever since we started our own affiliate network at Ashadee, I stopped using CJ frequently. In fact I’m still making some residual commissions at CJ but the focus has shifted to Ashadee as we intend to make it the number 1 affiliate platform in Asia.

They’ve used the name CJ now for quite some time, so I don’t think most affiliates would realized the minor changes in the name. You can read our review of Commission Junction / CJ here.

LinkTrackr Blog Redesign Preview

LinkTrackr Blog Redesign Preview

Last September, we introduced a new version of LinkTrackr that is 100% based on Amazon AWS and the latest cloud technologies.

Along with the new version came a new homepage design, using the now popular “flat UI” concept. We’ve received a lot of praises for the new design. Our customers have called it cool, clean, attractive and modern.

However, the LinkTrackr blog still clings on the the old design. We’ve searched everywhere for a theme that we can use with minimal customization to look like the rest of the LinkTrackr site. However, it seems the smarter option would be to just design our own theme.

So we’ve settled in using the Genesis framework from StudioPress as it offers significant advantages in SEO. However, we’ll be designing a new “child theme” for Genesis that resembles the overall look ad feel of the current LinkTrackr site.

What do you think of the pre-development design concept? Too simple? Too boring? Awesome?

Let us know below.

UPDATE: We’ve decided instead to use the Salient wordpress theme for now. It’s an awesome theme with tons of options that make it easy to customize. It fits just about any type of site – landing page, product site, or blog.

Sneak Peak At LinkTrackr Version 3.0

Sneak Peak At LinkTrackr Version 3.0

Starting mid-September 2013, we’ll be rolling out the new and improved version of LinkTrackr (version 3.0 if you’re keeping track) for new signups. In this version, we’ve done a complete overhaul and coded the entire LinkTrackr application from scratch.

The first thing you will notice if the awesome new clean User Interface, designed to be fully compatible with tablets and mobile phones. In other words, LinkTrackr will work perfectly no matter how and where you access it. No more pinching and tapping.

What you may also notice is the faster loading time and quicker link redirects. Since we’ve removed our dependency on all third-party software for the new version, we can optimize just about anything we want. And we did optimize a whole lot!

Linktrackr new 2

Linktrackr new 3

Linktrackr new 4

Linktrackr new 5

Linktrackr new 5

For existing users, you can of course migrate to the new LinkTrackr once we’ve completed our migration process. Take note however that the new version of LinkTrackr is not an “improved” version of the old. It’s built from scratch, so there are a few key points to note:

  1. You will be able to migrate your existing links, campaigns and conversions, but not your stats. Stats in the new LinkTrackr is not compatible with the old. You should export your links stats into CSV format if you need to refer to it later.
  2. Not all features in your old Linktrackr account will be available in the new version. The omissions are minor but you should read our migration guide carefully before deciding to switch.
  3. The pricing is the same as your current LinkTrackr account, but the total links and clicks allowed may be different. Again, do read the migration guide that we will publish on our site.
  4. The way we handle custom domain names is also different in the new LinkTrackr. You will have more options including using subdomains instead of the whole domain.

We will support the existing version of LinkTrackr as well, so there’s no need to migrate to the new platform if you really don’t want to.

Migration of current customers will only start after 1st October 2013. We need some time to test our migration process and to credit existing affiliates for the new accounts. We will reserve all current usernames, so no new customer will be able to take your current username.

Stay tuned for more updates, and for our migration guide.

Affiliate Marketing is Dead. Long Live Affiliate Marketing.

If I had a penny every time someone asked me “Does affiliate marketing still work?”, I would own a private jet by now. 

Is seems, for some people, that affiliate marketing is a fad that will soon, like other fads, die a slow and painful death. These people have not been around the Internet as long as I have. 

Affiliate marketing, when drilled down to the core, is simply an act of rewarding someone for bringing you new business. The reward is usually cash. That’s it!

How can affiliate marketing die, when it’s a natural part of all businesses? That’s why I was intrigued by the podcast on CopyBlloger about the “Second Coming of Affiliate Marketing”. It seems that over time, a business model may be rebranded and called many things, the most recent being “Commerce Journalism”.

No matter what it’s called, it’s still the same thing. Just different words by groups of people who feel better if their affiliate marketing work had a more “noble” name.

Google Affiliate Network Shuts Down

Google Affiliate Network Shuts Down

Google Affiliate Network is shutting down for good in the next few months. When I first read the news from Marketing Pilgrim, I wasn’t very surprised. Companies like Google like to dabble in a lot of projects, but eventually most of them (like Google Reader) will be killed off.

Read the Google Affiliate Network announcement here.

For the most part, I never really used Google Affiliate Network.

I guess the main reason was my distrust for Google and their view of affiliate marketing.

On one side of the coin, Google has been increasingly critical of affiliate marketers using the Google AdWords platform, with many affiliates losing their entire businesses overnight every time Google updates their AdWords policy to be even more anti-affiliate. On the other side, projects like Google Affiliate Network highlights the fact that Google will try just about any business model once.

I never felt like Google Affiliate Network would be a long-term thing, and I didn’t want to get burned by Google again. Luckily this time, I made the right choice.

The New ClickBank and Your Affiliate Future

The New ClickBank and Your Affiliate Future

If you’re an affiliate, you should have noticed by now that ClickBank has a new design. Cleaner and more up-to-date with the latest design cues, it’s no doubt a big move for CB.

But behind the new interface, something else is brewing – and has been brewing for a while now for those who noticed – that may effect your future as an affiliate.

Here’s what it is: ClickBank is moving out of “get rich quick” programs.

In fact in our previous ClickBank review, we noted that one of ClickBank’s biggest boo-boo is the proliferation of scam-type ebooks and digital products related to the make-money-online niche. ClickBank vendors would already know by now how much CB has tightened it’s product review process for just about anything that mentions the possibility of making money online since 2012.

This year, the trend is becoming more obvious. ClickBank is trying to rebrand itself as a place where you can “Put Your Expertise” to work. It’s refocusing its efforts on selling digital products in “real” markets, and de-emphasizing make-money-online products.

In fact, in ClickBank’s Featured Products page, there is not a single make-money-online product mentioned:

Clickbank featured

Even under the “Business” category, ClickBank does not feature any online marketing or affiliate marketing product. I see this move as a push to “clean” it’s image and appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Furthermore, ClickBank is also attempting to engage affiliates and merchants directly by providing tools and guides previously done by their own affiliates. In fact, ClickBank already has a website builder called the “Audience Builder” for affiliates and vendors who want to maximize their ClickBank potential, at just $27 monthly.

Clickbank website builder

This falls under the new “ClickBank Powered” account type, which is perfect for marketers with little or no knowledge in building their own website. This is truly the “last mile” that for years have prevented the lass-tech-savvy from selling their own digital products with ClickBank. Now that barrier has fallen.

In other words, ClickBank has changed.

It’s no longer a place for dishonest, greedy Internet scammers to sell rip-off products and hype others to do the same. It is now a more professional, mainstream outlets for just about anyone to turn their ideas into products and sell them at a global marketplace, without worrying about merchant accounts, online security and customer service.

At least, that’s what they want us to believe.

JVZoo Review – New ClickBank Killer?

JVZoo Review – New ClickBank Killer?

JVZoo is perhaps the most talked-about affiliate network among Internet marketers today, and in this JVZoo review we’ll tray to explain why.

There’s a very good reason to love them: they pay your affiliate commissions instantly to your PayPal account.

I mean, why wait weeks or months to get paid for your efforts?

Although relatively new, JVZoo has achieved amazing traction among marketers in the “make money online” or “get rich quick” niche market. In this JVZoo review, we’ll find out exactly why most marketers prefer to promote JVZoo Products on their blogs and to their mailing lists.

Click Here to Signup for JVZoo

JVZoo Review: Instant Commissions to PayPal

First and foremost, JVZoo commissions are instant via PayPal. In my opinion this is the number one reason affiliates are flocking to JVZoo. As compared to ClickBank who makes it hard for new affiliates to get paid, and traditional networks like Commission Junction that may take up to 90 days to pay your commissions, JVZoo uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments technology to pay you instantly at the point of sale.

According to their site:

Our system runs on Paypal’s adaptive payment system which allows your payments to go directly into your PayPal account the moment a sale is made. Unlike other instant payment systems with Paypal, JVZoo has a true payment system that allows you to be paid for EVERY sale that is made.

If you’ve been in affiliate marketing long enough you would have probably tried various affiliate programs that implement “instant split PayPal payment” for sales and commissions – sites like . In theory the program will split payments received from buyers between sellers and buyers, directly to their PayPal account. In practice however, it uses a rotational order button to distribute payment between the seller and affiliates at the percentage set by the seller.

In other words, if a seller set commissions to be 50%, the first sale will be made to the seller’s PayPal account, while the second sale will be made to the affiliate’s PayPal account. The third sale goes back to the seller’s PayPal account, and so on.

There’s a massive problem with this model: REFUNDS!

When a buyer requests for a refund, the seller would have to check if the payment was made to his PayPal account, or to the affiliate’s PayPal account. If he did not receive the payment, he would have to ask the buyer to contact the affiliate directly (or contact the affiliate on the seller’s behalf) to get a refund.

As you can expect, this is a very messy and potentially destructive for your online reputation. Buyers would find it difficult to get their money back from the affiliate, especially when some of them may have never known a third person was involved in their purchase.

It has also landed more than a few marketers and affiliates in trouble with PayPal, partly due to the complaints by buyers when they do not receive their refunds.


With PayPal’s adaptive payment however, a single payment is truly split between the seller, JVZoo, and you. When the seller initiates a refund for the buyer, PayPal will automatically deduct the split amount from all three accounts.

But it gets even better – JVZoo offers customer services to all buyers.

As you can see from the PayPal screenshot below for a commission I received from JVZoo, they list their URL and phone number for customer service.


This creates the ideal win-win situation for all parties involved. Sellers get to be hands-free on billing matters, customers get good service and prompt refund fulfillment, and affiliates get paid instantly.

JVZoo Review: Integration With Warrior Forum


Another big thing we want to mention in our JVZoo review is the integration with Warrior Forum, probably the largest marketplace for Internet marketing products. This is done through their “Automated WSO Failover System”, which is basically a replicated offer of your original WSO post on their own forum.

A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) forum is where hundreds of Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche post huge discounts for their products. Some even sell exclusively through the Warrior Forum.

However, Warrior Forum has frequent downtimes, and every second the site is down both sellers and affiliates lose money.

According to JVZoo:

JVZoo’s new system checks to see if the Warrior Forum is up and running every few seconds. If it is down, your backup URL kicks into gear. That means all of the affiliate links will now point to your backup!

JVZoo Review: Instant Affiliate Bonus Fulfillment


Offering a bonus to your subscribers and blog readers is a great way to rake in higher commissions. However, the manual process in delivering bonuses can be quite tedious.

With JVZoo however, you have a built-in system for delivering any bonus you want to your buyers.

According to the JVZoo website:

Now, when you promote a product through JVZoo, we will also deliver your bonus for you, completely hands off to you! All you need to do is simply enter your URL of where your bonus is, or upload the bonus file to our servers and when someone goes through your link and purchases, their bonus from you will be waiting for them on the receipt.

JVZoo Review: IPN Notification System for Developers


Developers and third-party software owners would love JVZoo’s each integration via their own IPN, as well as PayPal’s IPN.

Their IPN seems to be copied from (or borrowed from) ClickBank’s IPN, and I think it’s a smart thing to do if you want ClickBank affiliates to be able to migrate easily. We managed to use it without much issues when setting up Sociabot, our social media automation product.

Documentation is reasonably well-prepared, another plus for developers who don’t want to waste too much time figuring out the JVZoo backend.

JVZoo Review: User Interface

Of course, we cannot conclude this JVZoo review without commenting on the look and feel.

Although JVZoo’s interface leaves much to be desired, it’s practical and easy to navigate. A lot of thought has been put into helping you find the information you need when you need it, although the poor design betrays that.

No mobile version site or mobile app is available for JVZoo at the moment of writing. I also noticed quite a number of irregularities when using different browsers.

However, I think a design makeover could be just around the corner. If they do redesign their website, it would make JVZoo much more appealing to potential affiliates.

So is JVZoo a ClickBank killer? Yes they are, in my opinion.

Although there are no numbers, I don’t think JVZoo has even 10% of the affiliates ClickBank has. That could change in a few years though, as most affiliates seem to be disenchanted with ClickBank’s recent policy changes.

It’s not easy to unseat one of the largest digital product affiliate networks on the Internet. But perhaps that’s not what JVZoo needs to succeed. As long as they keep engaging sellers, buyers and affiliates the way they do now, they could carve out a strong niche market for themselves and ensure survival in a competitive market.

Click Here to Signup for JVZoo

If you liked this JVZoo review, feel free to recommending it by linking back to this post.

LinkTrackr Updates and New Features

New LinkTrackr features and updates have been rolled out to all accounts. Here’s what’s new:

1. Faster Stats and Graphs


We’ve completely revamped the way we store click data, and as a result you will notice that your graphs load almost immediately.

Even if you have a huge amount of clicks monthly, your Dashboard and stats pages will be super-quick.

2. New Campaign Creation Feature


In the past campaign creation used to be confusing to new users, and we were also limited to just ONE tracking variable. In the new update, you have a campaign creation tool and we now support up to 5 variables for maximum tracking options.

Our individual link graphs have also been updated to you can now analyze your clicks by Campaign, Subcampaign, Ad Type, Ad Name and Keywords.

You can save your campaigns to get a short URL, and to reference it later. You can also easily duplicate tracking campaigns, and make it compatible with Google Analytics.

3. New Conversion Tracking Tool


In the past, each link had it’s own conversion code. The problem was you had to put in multiple conversion codes into a single page if you’re tracking multiple sales and products.

With the new conversion tracking tool, you only need to place ONE code on your pages to track one conversion type. Plus, you can easily save your codes and re-use it later.

4. Download Your Stats in CSV


We’ve always tried to simplify our graphs and stats to give you a more meaningful experience when trying to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Hardcore users however have always wanted to analyze their clicks in many different ways.

With the new release, you can easily download your complete stats log for the past 60 days in CSV and export it to your own spreadsheet. Now you can play around with your data any way you want!

5. More Accurate Clicks

We’ve improved our tracking system to report more accurate clicks for UNIQUE visitors. We’ve also updated our system to exclude more bots and spiders. As a result, your will get the most accurate click count possible.

We are in the process of updating our video tutorials. In the next few days we’ll be emailing you the video link for the new Campaign and Conversion modules. It’s pretty easy to use, but we want to make sure everyone understands it as much as possible.

If you don’t have a LinkTrackr account yet, now’s the time to get one and take your marketing to the next level.

Signup here:

Amazon Affiliate Link Tracking Basics – Working With The Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Affiliate Link Tracking Basics – Working With The Amazon Associates Program

* Updated December 2018 *

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Amazon affiliate links in your LinkTrackr account to track clicks and other important data. Getting a regular HTML link should be easy if you know the basics, but since Amazon now has tons of different product widgets and links it can be pretty confusing to a beginner.

Step 1: Login to your Amazon Associates account at and make sure you are logged into the correct account.

Step 2: Enter the product name or search term and click on “Go”. Amazon will return a list of related products.

Step 3: Find the product you want, and click on the small arrow (not on “Get Link”). This is the easiest way to get a regular HTML link.

Step 4: How just highlight the raw HTML link as per the example above, and right click to copy the link.

All raw HTML links should start with “…” – these are the only type of links that will work in LinkTrackr, PPC ad networks or any other link tracking software. It should also contain your Amazon affiliate ID.

Amazon also offers a short version of the link. The get it just click on “Shorten URL with”

The shortened link is encrypted so you will no longer see your affiliate ID or any other variable like ASIN or the product name. It’s much easier to work with and the chances of making a mistake with your links a much lower.

If you click on “Get Link” in step 3 instead of the HTML link shortcut, you will be taken to the complete linking options page filled with all type of widgets and link formats. If you are on this page, you can choose the “Text Only” tab and manually copy the required HTML by highlighting only the link as shown above. However, unless you are very careful, it’s easy to make a mistake.

So we would recommend you just right click on the link preview and choose “Copy Link Address”. This is safer and actually much easier. With either method, the actual HTML link you get is the same.

Now login to your LinkTrackr account, click on Campaigns > Tracking Links on your project dashboard, then click on “Add New” and fill up the form. The example above shows you how to do it by entering only the HTML link – no widget codes, no image or pixel codes, and no iFrame codes.

After creating the Link, make sure you test it out. When you click on your tracking link, it should take you directly to a page on If you do not see a complete page, you have not done it correctly.

Common mistakes:

  1. Entering the “iFrame” code into LinkTrackr. Your link will work but you will only see the iFrame widget and not the page
  2. Entering pixel image codes.
  3. Not including “http” in your link

So we hope this Amazon tutorial has helped you understand how to get a regular Amazon affiliate link and use it within your LinkTrackr account.

New Link Cloaking and Viral Features

We’ve added some useful new features to all LinkTrackr accounts to enable more flexible and powerful link cloaking. The first is the ability to add a “Meta Image” to your cloaked affiliate links.


Although this is entirely optional, a Meta Image will allow FaceBook and other social media services to display a thumbnail next to your link, making it more attractive and compelling.

We’ve also added a “Basic Cloaking” option that allows you to cloak your affiliate links without having to display the viral bar. This is useful in some circumstances, and has been one of the most requested improvements in the last couple of months.


All your previous cloaked links will display the viral bar by default. You can easily change this by editing an individual link.

Lastly, we’ve also updated the viral cloaking bar.


Google Buzz has been replaced by Google +1, and the old FaceBook share buttons have been replaced with the new Like / Send combination allowing for even more reach on FaceBook.

New Geo Reporting Feature for LinkTrackr

I think the video above explains everything about the new geo-reporting for LinkTrackr. This has been a much anticipated feature for quite some time now, but we’ve been bust testing a few methods to determine the best way to do it.

Well it’s finally here (or soon if you don’t see it yet) – and this new feature will allow you to see clicks and conversions by country, for all links or individual links.

Let me know what you think.

NOTE: Only clicks after the update will be tagged to a certain country, all previous clicks will show up as “Unknown”.

FaceBook Conversion Tracking with LinkTrackr

FaceBook conversion tracking is a tricky issue, but if you’re planning to buy FaceBook ads then you’ll just burn a hole through your pockets without the correct tracking system setup.

FaceBook used to have it’s own conversion tracking system, but due to unknown reasons they had it shut down. Perhaps  they were worried that advertisers would start to realize just how bad their conversion rates are, and doubt the quality of their advertising platform. No real official reason was given though.

Till today FaceBook has not introduced a replacement to their native conversion tracking, so most marketers are spending blindly on FaceBok ads. This is surprising when you consider the fact that FaceBook Ads are often hyped up to be “the Google Adwords replacement”.

The good news is that you can easily track your FaceBook conversions with LinkTrackr. Unlike the defunct native FaceBook conversion tracking system however, LinkTrackr can also be used to track affiliate products you may be promoting. As long as your affiliate program supports pixel tracking or TID tracking, results should be accurate. You can read more about affiliate conversion tracking if you’ve never attempted to track affiliate sales before.

Here I’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create your own FaceBook conversion tracking campaign.

FaceBook Conversion Tracking Step 1 – Naming System

FaceBook’s ad platform is different from Google Adwords. FB only tracks by campaigns and ads. They do not have “Ad Groups” to help you group together different ad targetting options.  Therefore you will need to create your own naming system if you want to implement your own FaceBook sales tracking.

To make things simple, whenever I start a new campaign, I name my first ad “FB001” and continue this incremental numbering system for all ads, like below:

To keep the data accurate, I just keep giving the ads a new number regardless of whether they were approved, or whether I paused / deleted them. Never use the same number twice.

FaceBook Conversion Tracking Step 2 – Tracking Links

Now that we have numbered each ad, create a new tracking link in LinkTrackr for the product or affiliate offer you want to promote, and enter that tracking link with the ad number as the campaign name. Example:

With this simple method, you will be able to see right away in your LinkTrackr dashboard the amount of clicks you get from each numbered ad. If you have an account that supports conversion tracking, you should also be able to see the sales and optins from the numbered ads.

Multiple Campaign FaceBook Conversion Tracking

The example above is when you’re running a single campaigns for a single product. If you’re running multiple campaigns, you need to append a campaign ID to your campaigns and in your tracking as well, for example:

This is my reference for campaign 01, ad 01. If you want to test more complex campaigns however you’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of your numbering system.

FaceBook Conversion Tracking Limitations

The limitation with this method is that you cannot track how many “Likes” you got from the campaign. If your objective is to get more likes then advertise your FaceBook page instead. FaceBook will be able to tell you exactly how many Likes you got when you advertise a page or “sponsored story” with the default stats.

Like I said before, FaceBook conversion tracking is not easy and never will be until FaceBook intriduces a new conversion tracking for advertisers, but this method will work pretty well.

YouTube Affiliate Link Placement & Tracking

YouTube Affiliate Link Placement & Tracking

Do you have a YouTube affiliate link tracking strategy?

If you’re like me, then you’re probably uploading product reviews, screen capture tutorials and other short videos on YouTube to promote your affiliate website or affiliate links. But how are your YouTube promotions really impacting your profits? Is YouTube really worth your time?

There’s no real way to know unless you implement a systematic way of tracking your YouTube clicks and conversions. And of course, you can do this easily with LinkTrackr.

The easiest way to do it is to embed your LinkTrackr tracking link right on the video page. On your video editing page, you can actually insert a short description of your video. Put your tracking link right up front followed by a short description as you can see below.

YouTube only makes a portion of your description visible, so make sure you enter the most important text right after the tracking link. Now your video display page will look like this:

When anyone shares your video URL on FaceBook, your YouTube tracking link will also be share and will be clickable (unless they just clicked on “Like”), as you can see below:

This will go a long way in helping you track clicks from your YouTube videos and shares, and also with your YouTube conversion tracking efforts.

However, this is only useful when someone views your videos on YouTube itself. It doesn’t appear when someone embeds your videos on their website. For that you need to work with “annotations”.

YouTube Conversion Tracking With Annotations

Annotations are another great way to implement YouTube conversion tracking, especially due to the fact that annotations appear on all embedded videos on any website or blog.

Since YouTube only allows you to link to other YouTube videos or pages, enter the full tracking URL as per the example below. It will not be click-able but at least you get to display the entire link. To make it even more effective you may also want to use domain name cloaking or cPanel link cloaking for shorter, easier to remember links.

Other YouTube Conversion Tracking Ideas

Here are some other ideas to make your YouTube conversion tracking more effective:

  • Video Splash Screen – Create a 5-10 second introduction “splash screen” with your tracking link displayed on a plain background with some text, so viewers know where to go to get more information.
  • Video Credits – Just like the splash screen, but at the end of your video. Make it play for 5-30 seconds so your viewers can actually remember or write down the URL.

YouTube Conversion Tracking with LinkTrackr

With LinkTrackr’s dynamic campaign feature and TID conversion tracking feature (which is available in all accounts), I can clearly see how may people registered / opted in to my free webinar:

I can also see the conversion rate so I know exactly how effective YouTube is as a traffic source for my webinar. If I find that the traffic is too low quality, I may just decide to stop marketing this product on YouTube and turn my attention to more qualified and responsive traffic sources.

With the correct strategy, you will know for sure if your YouTube efforts are paying off or if your time is better spent elsewhere. So start tracking your YouTube conversion tracking campaign now!

Shocking Facts You Never Knew About ClickBank

Shocking Facts You Never Knew About ClickBank

We written a lot about ClickBank on this blog, including our Clickbank review, introduction to ClickBank hoplinks and conversion tracking for ClickBank affiliates. Now we should probably tell about the scary stuff no one told you about ClickBank.

Unlike most affiliate networks, there’s a real good chance that you will never get paid from ClickBank unless you’re making regular commissions via their network. Here are three reasons why.

1. You Need To Make At Least 5 Sales to Get Paid

You will never get paid if you make one or two sales. In fact, you need to make at least 5 sales (best case scenario) to actually get paid the first time.

According to ClickBank:

ClickBank will withhold payment of any account balance until the following criteria is met:

  • Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers; and,
  • Sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or European Direct Debit(ELV)). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers.

This requirement is in place to help prevent Affiliates from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate program by using their accounts for the sole purpose of fraudulently collecting rebates and/or discounts on their own purchases.

Once you have met the Customer Distribution Requirement, your account will begin issuing payments normally, in accordance with our Accounting Policy, beginning on the next payment issuing date.

What this means is that a single sales doesn’t matter. 100 affiliate sales don’t matter either if everyone paid via their VISA credit cards or PayPal. Make sure you understand this requirement, as it closely relates to the next shocking fact you never knew about ClickBank.

2. There’s a “Dormant” Fee Up to $100 a Month

Yes, if you do not make any new commissions, ClickBank will penalize you for it. Deductions start at $1 per “Pay Period” which is every two weeks in ClickBank.

According to ClickBank:

Accounts with a positive balance but no earnings for an extended period of time are considered dormant. Dormant accounts are subject to a charge of $1 per pay period after 90 days of no earnings, $5 per pay period after 180 days of no earnings, and $50 per pay period after 365 days of no earnings.

ClickBank income

The above example is from one of my joint venture ClickBank accounts. Unfortunately, after the initial sales for this product none of the partners (including me) bothered to do anything about the income. We thought we’ll just leave it there till be can get more JV partners to promote the product. That never happened however.

From several thousand dollars in the year 2007/08 you can see how this had depleted to $0 simply because this account was dormant and we had set the minimum payout to $5,000. Last year we had $50 deducted from our account every pay period, which is biweekly, resulting in a $100 deduction per month. Needless to say in a couple of months our earnings were completely wiped out.

I only realized this after checking that dormant account. We should have taken the money out sooner while there was still something to be paid out.

3. You May Never Get Paid

If you decide to promote Clickbank products, you need to keep it going till you get past the minimum 5 sales requirement, and set your minimum payout as low as possible, to actually start getting paid. If you decide to “take a break” from ClickBank you may return a year later to find that your earnings have disappeared.

There’s a real chance that you may never get paid from ClickBank despite all your hard work promoting their products as an affiliate. Be glad you read this!

PayDotCom Review – The ClickBank Killer?

PayDotCom Review – The ClickBank Killer?

Like our ClickBank review and Commission Junction review, I hope this PayDotCom review will help you understand and explore PayDotCom better as an affiliate marketer.

PayDotCom is owned by Mike Filsaime, one of the most popular Internet marketing experts in the world. Billed by some as the “ClickBank killer”, PayDotCom also specializes in digital products, Like ClickBank, it is also commonly used by marketers selling how-to ebooks, software and web templates.

Our PayDotCom review is for affiliates, not merchants planning to sell their products on PayDotCom.

PayDotCom Review – Advantages

There are several advantages to promoting PayDotCom products as an affiliate:

  • paydotcom widgetTons of products. If you’re into promoting web software, Internet marketing guides and even niche products, PayDotCom doesn’t disappoint with the amount of products them have to offer
  • Get paid by PayPal. Getting paid as an affiliate in PayDotCom is easy, all you need is a PayPal account.
  • Better affiliate tools. PayDotCom help you make more commissions by giving you more robust affiliate tools like banners, the PayDotCom widget, and also campaign tracking.

PayDotCom Review – Disadvantages

Like any of the other affiliate networks we’ve covered, PayDotCom also has it’s share of disadvantages:

  • Affiliates are charged fees. Similar to ClickBank, affiliates are charged a fee on the commissions they make. For each sale, PayDotCom splits the fees between merchants and affiliates 50-50. Most affiliate disagree with this since unlike ClickBank, the affiliate receives no direct benefit from using PayDotCom.
  • Payout done by merchants. Unlike ClickBank however, each merchant is responsible for paying their affiliates. Therefore you may receive many individual payment (instead of one lump sum) for the products you promote on PayDotCom.
  • Commission delays. Since the payout is done by individual merchants, there will always be commission delays.
  • Poor user interface. PayDotCom’s layout and interface hasn’t changed much since it was first launched. Overall, the interface can be quite tricky and confusing for affiliates. At least with ClickBank you can instantly see your total commissions when you login.
  • Lack of documentation. New affiliates may find it hard to use PayDotCom due to the lack of online documentation. However, when compared to other affiliate networks, the documentation and help process is still within an acceptable range.

PayDotCom Review – Related Opinions

As a conclusion to my PayDotCom review, I think PDC is a great affiliate network but it could surely be improved a whole lot if the owners paid serious attention to it.

Commission Junction Review – Affiliate Marketing Network

Commission Junction Review – Affiliate Marketing Network

Not having a Commission Junction review on this blog is unacceptable, considering that Commission Junction (or just CJ) is one of the oldest, largest affiliate networks out there today. According to Wikipedia:

Commission Junction is an online advertising company owned by ValueClick and operating in the affiliate marketing industry. The company is the largest affiliate network in North America and operates worldwide. Among the top 500 retailers using 3rd party affiliate marketing software, 62% are powered by Commission Junction.

I’ve been an affiliate with CJ since 2001, and have been witness to their tremendous growth in the affiliate marketing industry. Since then I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with them, the lowest point was when my account was suddenly terminated in 2001/02 and my affiliate commissions disappeared.

I hope this Commission Junction review will shed some light on how CJ works, and what to expect as a CJ affiliate.

Commission Junction Review – Advantages

Commission Junction Review

If you’re just getting started out with affiliate marketing, then Commission Junction would be a logical place to go to. Signing up as a publisher is free and instant, without any manual approvals. Here are some reasons why you may want to try CJ:

  1. Wide Selection of Offers – Besides having tons of merchants, CJ also offers different type of offers. Besides the typical Pay-Per-Sale deal, you can also find Pay-Per-Lead or Pay-Per-Call offers.
  2. Established Merchants – Most of the merchants in CJ tend to be of the more established, Fortune-500 type of companies. For affiliates, this means that.
  3. Commission Junction Stats Transparent Performance Stats – CJ’s little green bar and 3 Month / 7 Day EPC (Earnings Per 1,000 Clicks) tells you exactly how individual merchants are doing within the CJ network. This is really useful as we only want to promote merchants who are doing justice to their affiliates.
  4. Tons of Affiliate Banners – Every merchant has tons of banners and marketing material, hosted by CJ. Each banner also displays the same.
  5. Individual Product Links – You can also link directly to individual products, although this is not true for all merchants. Linking directly to a product, as you may know, is the most effective way to make affiliate sales.  performance stats so you can choose to use only the banners that are doing well.
  6. Centralized Affiliate Payments – All commissions are paid by CJ themselves, not the individual merchants. This means that your paychecks are predictable and secured.

Commission Junction Review – Disadvantages

Although CJ is a great affiliate network, it certainly has its share of disadvantages. Here are some of the most obvious ones:

  1. Advertiser Application Process – Unlike ClickBank where you’re free to promote any affiliate program you want, in CJ you have to manually apply to individual merchants and agree to individual terms of service.
  2. Temporary Advertiser Deactivation – Because of the billing process between CJ and its merchants, you constantly get “Advertiser Deactivated” notifications. It’s pretty annoying to know that once the advertiser has been temporarily deactivated, you no longer receive commissions for that merchant.
  3. Lack of Standardization – Each merchant has their own terms of service (TOS) and refund terms, which means that all your commissions are handled differently. What is ok with one merchant may not sit well with another, for example buying a product with your own affiliate link and using trademarks in your marketing. Keeping track of all these changing terms is a real headache.
  4. Old-School Conversion Tracking – CJ’s stats and reporting features are outdated to say the least. Their affiliate really deserve more conversion data than just commission date and TID tracking. Although they do provide an API for third-party reporting integration, it would be great if they can provide more details to the affiliates directly.
  5. Link Encryption and Protection – CJ offers the option to complete encrypt your link so that your affiliate ID is hidden and hijacking is impossible.
  6. No PayPal Payment Option – I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my affiliate commissions directly in my PayPal account. Checks are so tedious to deal with and mess up your cash flow. Although CJ does offer an ACH (bank transfer) option, this is only for affiliates from a few countries.
  7. Reputation for Closing Accounts – CJ has a reputation for closing “inactive” affiliate accounts. In fact my account was closed a few years back even though I was making regular commissions from CJ, and they never responded to my emails as to why my account was closed.

Commission Junction Review – Negative Press

Here’s some not-so-flattering (sometimes downright scathing) reviews of Commission Junction. I believe most are exaggerated, though there may be some underlying truth. Also, some review are much older and may no longer be applicable.

  1. Commission Junction is a Joke and a Scam – A pissed off forum user complaining that he “only accumulated $38.70 from 8,000,000 page impressions and 8000+ clicks”. Several other forum member relate similar experiences.
  2. Commission Junction Deletes Accounts And Steals Commissions – An unofficial report about CJ closing accounts and vaporizing affiliate commissions. No official rebuttals to this report.

Although I personally don’t believe that CJ has any malicious intent towards affiliates, it does seem that their arbitrary actions and lack of communication has pissed off a lot of affiliates in the past. A pissed off affiliate tends to tell whoever will listen about CJ’s faults.

I think they need to either rebrand themselves with another name, or hire a really good PR firm to clear up their increasingly bad reputation.

I hope you enjoyed this Commission Junction review, feel free share it using the links below.

ClickBank Conversion Tracking for Affiliates

ClickBank conversion tracking is one of the most important tricks you need to master as a ClickBank affiliate. However, most affiliates pay little or no attention to it. If you’re new to ClickBank, make sure you read our ClickBank review first so you can follow the rest of this post.

There are two different types of ClickBank conversion tracking:

  1. PPC tracking with Google Adwords, MSN etc
  2. Their built-in TID tracking for all other ad sources

ClickBank Conversion Tracking – PPC Advertising

If you’re using PPC advertising to promote ClickBank products, you can use their built-in PPC conversion reporting feature.

Go to Account Settings > Integrated Sales Reporting > Add Tracking Code and you’ll be able to select your PPC network like below:

clickbank ppc conversion tracking

Select the PPC network (Google Adwords in the example), then enter your Google Adwords ID as well as your Adwords conversion tracking code ID.

When your campaigns generate a sale, you’ll be able to see the sales data within your Adwords account interface.

ClickBank Conversion Tracking – Other Traffic Sources

However, very few affiliates now use PPC to send direct traffic to ClickBank products. Instead, most affiliates use blogs, email broadcasts or affiliate landing pages. When you promote affiliate products indirectly, using the built-in PPC traffic tools aren’t really useful or accurate.

So how do you track your ClickBank conversions to a specific traffic source?

At the moment, the only way to do this seems to be with ClickBank’s TID affiliate tracking feature. TID tracking is one of the oldest forms of affiliate tracking, yet it’s the only tracking tool provided by most affiliate networks..

With TID tracking, you insert an identifier code after your Clickbank hoplinks to indentify the source of the sale. When you receive a commission, you’ll be able to see where the sale originated from.

In my LinkTrackr account, I entered the ClickBank hoplink but replaced the TID with LinkTrackr’s TID tracking code as below:

clickbank conversion TID code

For this promotion, I did two different email broadcasts to two different lists – the LinkTrackr users list, and my other list. The LinkTrackr user list is identified with the TID “aweberlt” since I sent out the broadcast using Aweber. The other list was tracked with the TID “aweber”.

In the example below, I can see which sales came from the two different list.

clickbank conversion tracking


From this data, and from the click data from my Aweber account, I can calculate the conversion rates for each list. From this experiment, the LinkTrackr customers list generated a much higher conversion rate.

However, there are two main setbacks to using TID codes for ClickBank conversion tracking. They are:

  1. Only one identifier. You’re only allowed to use one identifier code. Some networks allow you to have up to 5 identifier codes, but these are generally the exception to the rule.
  2. Only sales data. The TID tracking method only gives you sales data. With LinkTrackr you can get more information like traffic sources and browsers, but it’s hard to match an individual sale to it’s referring data other than the campaign name.

The bottom line is that you need to use any and all available tools to track your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Although ClickBank conversion tracking appears to be primitive, it’s still a useful tool that every affiliate marketer should make use of.

Domain Name Cloaking for Affiliate Marketing

Besides simple HTML link cloaking and cPanel link cloaking, you can also use domain name cloaking in your affiliate promotions. This means that visitors will only see the top-level domain name, with the underlying affiliate link completely hidden from view.

There are a few advantages to domain name cloaking:

  1. A top level domain hides any trace that it could be an affiliate link
  2. It definitely looks more natural that any cloaked tracking link
  3. It could make the visitor believe that he is on the actual merchant site if the domain name is similar to the actual merchant’s

I’ve seen a lot of top affiliate marketers use domain name cloaking instead of regular link forwarding, and I’ve done some myself. For example:

  1. – Domain name cloaking that actually leads the visitor to the Amember membership site software.
  2. – Domain name cloaking for the Desperate Buyer’s Guide information product website.
  3. – Domain name cloaking that promotes the Easy Member Pro membership site software.

Domain Name Cloaking Setup

The easiest way to get started with domain name link cloaking is to use the “URL Frame” feature provided by your domain name registrar. In this example, our domain name registrar is NameCheap but most registrars should provide similar functionality.

Domain Name Cloaking


Just go to the domain name you want to use, and click on URL Forwarding. Then, enter the affiliate link in both “@” and “www” columns. This tells your registrar to cloak or “frame” the actual affiliate link within the domain name itself.

To add a title and meta tags to your cloaked domain name, just click on as shown below and enter meta tags for both “@” and “www” options:

Domain Name Cloaking

This makes the cloaked domain name look more natural, as if it was a real website. Here’s how your cloaked domain name would look like in a Google search:

Domain Name Cloaking Google

Since cloaking domain names will be indexed by Google like regular websites, you could also benefit from long-tail search engine queries.

Domain Name Cloaking Strategy

Although you can use domain name link cloaking with a naked affiliate link, the smarter way to do this is to use a link you have cloaked with LinkTrackr. By doing it this way, you can get access to LinkTrackr’s viral marketing tools, complete stats reporting and other useful features like A/B split testing.

To track domain name cloaked URLs, I normally add a tracking campaign of “domain” to the back of my LinkTrackr links, like this:

This helps me identify how many clicks I get using the cloaked domain name, versus other direct promotion methods and keyword conversions using the LinkTrackr WordPress plugin, like this:

Domain Name Cloaking Tracking

Domain Name Cloaking Drawbacks

Although domain name cloaking seems like a cool thing to do, there are a few drawbacks to this method:

  • If you promote the cloaked domain names directly, you lose all your traffic when you let the domain name expire
  • The cost of yearly domain name renewal can be hard to swallow if you decide to renew it
  • If you registered a domain name with the product / company name in it, you could be putting yourself in danger of trademark violations

So use domain name link cloaking wisely. It would be a great idea if you plan to promote the product long-terms, or if you’re planning to use offline promotion strategies. If you’re not planning to do either of the above, then domain name cloaking is a waste of time and money.

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates with A/B Split Testing

iStock_000004945226Small Whether you’re selling your own product online or trying to make a living as an affiliate marketer, there are two very important skills you must master if you want to get an unfair advantage over everyone else and make more money with less traffic.

Those two skills are:

  1. How to create an effective landing page
  2. How to split test your landing pages

A “landing page” is basically your “sales page” or “lead capture” page. No matter what you call it, the sole purpose of this page is to convert as many visitors as possible to a sale or a lead.

Instead of sending traffic to your blog or company’s home page, driving them to an effective landing page will help you make much more money online with less traffic. If you’re familiar with Google Adwords, then you should already be familiar with the concept of using landing pages. An effective landing page in Google Adwords will result in a better “Quality Score”, which in turn gets you cheaper clicks and better overall performance of your campaigns.

A Landing Page is A Work in Progress

Too many marketers I know create a single landing page, and stick with it the rest of their lives. They don’t bother to find out the conversion rate of the landing page, and if they can improve it.

The truth is that landing pages are always a work in progress. Super affiliates and top marketers are always tweaking their landing pages, making minute changes that can potentially make them thousands of dollars in the long run.

Even if you manage to improve your conversion rate by 1%, the long term impact is worth the effort. In highly competitive markets, all the big players are testing their landing page conversion rates and you have to as well if you want to even survive in those markets.

How to Do a Simple A/B Split Test

With LinkTrackr, we provide you with the tools you need to perform simple but effective A/B split tests that you can use to get more sales and optins from your landing pages.

Do do a simple A/B split test, you’ll need two web pages – page A and page B. As the name suggest, you will be pitting page A (the control) against page B (the test).

The winning web page becomes the new control page, and the losing page is replaced with another page in a new test. You can of course create more than two pages, but let not make it more complicated than it really needs to be.

Recently I did a test for Mega Money Emails, a product that gives you pre-written ClickBank autoresponder emails you can plug-n-play with Aweber or any other autoresponder service.

I created two landing pages. Both were identical except for the highlighted text in the main headline of the sales copy.

  • Headline Page A: Profit-Pulling
  • Headline Page B: Instant-Profit

splittest-1 splittest-2

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting either landing page to outperform the other significantly. I was shocked when I viewed the results of my Mega Money Emails campaign 24 hours later.

How Much is A Word Worth?


As you can see, Page A with the words “Profit-Pulling” converted at 5.67%, while Page B with the words “Instant-Profit” converted at a low 0.8%. That means page A performed 708% or seven times better than page B.

At $0.46 per click, Page A also brings in more revenue than Page B at just $0.05 per click.

Of course this is just a preliminary observation and I can only declare the winner after about 300 clicks per page, but isn’t it shocking how one word can make such a huge difference in landing page conversion rates?

If you aren’t already split testing and trying to improve your landing page conversion rates, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. The truth is, there’s only that much traffic you can buy or get. The key to gaining a competitive edge in your niche market is not more traffic, it’s more conversions.

LinkTrackr Contest – Win an Apple iPad 64G with 3G + WiFi Worth $839

apple-ipad-1Yahoo.. it’s our first contest for 2011 to announce the much-awaited arrival of LinkTrackr version 2.0!

In just six months, we’re turned a useful software into an awesome marketing system that every smart Internet marketer should have as part of his / her arsenal. Today, I can say without a doubt that LinkTrackr is the best link cloaking and link tracking software on the Internet.

We’re so excited, we want everyone to hear about LinkTrackr. This contest is open to everyone, anywhere. Read this post to find out how you can win a brand new Apple iPad 64G with 3G and Wifi – worth $839!

apple-ipad-2 All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is:

  1. Create an honest review of LinkTrackr to explain how it works and why online marketers would benefit from using it.
  2. Confirm your entry by pasting the entry token below before or after your review on the same blog post.
  3. Fill up the contest entry form using the link at the bottom of this page to confirm your review

Creating an Honest User Review of LinkTrackr

The best way to do this is to get yourself a free LinkTrackr account if you don’t already have one. Then create a review with your own original words.

Some simple contest rules:

  1. All reviews created before the date of this post (7th February 2011) will not count, so you need to create a new one to qualify.
  2. Reviews must be in English, and 300 words minimum, and created on a real blog (no autoblog or spam blog)
  3. You’re welcome to use your own LinkTrackr affiliate links in the review
  4. No copy & paste: If you merely copy and paste text from the LinkTrackr website or from reviews created by others, your entry will be rejected. Must be original text.
  5. If you’ve done a review before, then just create a new review as an “update” to announce our new features such as A/B split testing, and conversion tracking.
  6. You’re welcome to download and reuse our existing screenshots, but don’t link directly to them.

Put The Entry Token for This Contest on Your Post

To signify your entry, you must copy and paste the following (including the link back to this post) exactly as below:

This post was created for the LinkTrackr February 2011 Contest where you stand a real chance to win a brand new Apple iPad 64G with 3G + Wifi worth $839.

Blog posts without the entry token above will not be considered.

Fill Up The Contest Entry Form Below

Contest has ended so the form has been removed. Winners will be notified soon below.

How Winners Are Selected and Notified

  1. The best 3 reviews will be the winners
  2. The main winner will be paid via an Amazon Gift Card worth $839.00.
  3. Two consolation prize winners will each receive a $30 LinkTrackr account credit
  4. Contest ends on 24th February 28th February, and winners will be announce here and via email

So go ahead and write your review of LinkTrackr now. Don’t forget that you will also earn 40% recurring commissions when people read your review and signup for LinkTrackr using your affiliate link.

A total of three winners will be notified via email and their blog posts linked to below, so that’s a free backlink to your website as well!

Here Are The Winners…

Drum roll… here are the winners. I know that choosing the “best” review can be subjective, but I’ve just based my choice on the amount of effort put in, actual usage of LinkTrackr, and user interaction. While there were other good submissions, here are the winners:

Congratulations to the winners, I will be contacting you with instructions to claim your prizes!

ClickBank Review – Digital Products Affiliate Network

ClickBank Review – Digital Products Affiliate Network

You will find a lot of positive ClickBank reviews out there because most affiliates probably made their first commission promoting a ClickBank product. But which ClickBank review is accurate?

ClickBank outs itself as the largest affiliate marketplace for digital products, having paid out over US1.7 billion in affiliate commissions since it’s inception more than 13 years ago. Right from the start, ClickBank has received it’s fair share of praises and loyal fans. However, it has also been the subject of controversy, with some people going as far as referring to it as a “scam”.

In this ClickBank review, I hope to cover as much as possible about how ClickBank really works, and why it’s worth your time. (more…)

PeerFly Review: CPA Affiliate Marketing Network

PeerFly Review: CPA Affiliate Marketing Network

PeerFly is a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network, and it’s free to join.  Like most other CPA networks, PeerFly also offers CPS (Cost Per Sale) programs. However, the bulk of it’s offers are CPA offers from various merchants looking to get new leads.

Overall, PeerFly appears well set-up, with clean and easy to understand navigation. Most importantly, they have tons of CPA offers you can choose from, and quick access to the payout / performance of each.

In terms of affiliate tools, PeerFly also seems to do much better than most networks. The one feature I find extremely useful is that they allow you to place your own tracking pixels to each offer, so that you can use your own tracking software (like LinkTrackr) to track conversions.

However, most PeerFly offers are geo-targeted, so you’ll need to be able to perform geo-targeted advertising. A good way to do this is via Google AdWords or FaceBook Ads of course. Without geo-targeted advertising, you’ll just be wasting a lot of money.

Signup Here: PeerFly

LinkTrackr Version 2.0 – What’s New?

Our team has been working hard over the past two months to produce a new and improved LinkTrackr Version 2.0 – and it’s definitely worth the wait. Just login to your account to day to see how version 2.0 looks and feels like.

(Please clear your browser cache, and logout / login again if you don’t see the changes)

If you’re not a LinkTrackr user yet, you can signup now and get access to all these features right away. So… what’s new?

Brand New Analytics Package – All Accounts

Previously, you could only get stats for total clicks, campaigns, and the raw referrer data. With version 2.0 however, we’ve improved how this data is grouped and presented to you.

You can now also see the total traffic by campaign, referral source, and browser type. You get the most important information right where you want to find it, with more detailed analytics available when clicking on the full stats page.

Referrer Tracking

The end result? Better intelligence on your marketing campaigns that help you make smarter choices as an affiliate or Internet marketer. You can now easily see where your clicks are coming from, and drill down to individual pages of that particular site.

The new analytics feature is available to all members in any plan.

Brand New Dashboard & Improved Usability – All Accounts

Our new and improved home page gives you a “big picture” of how your entire marketing system is working, with Top 10 categories for traffic, referrers, campaigns and browsers.

LinkTrackr Version 2.0

Plus, we’ve also added a “Getting Started” mode that is activated by default, to help new users get started faster. You can switch to Video Tutorials Mode is you need step-by-step guidance, or turn on Normal Mode if you’re already a pro. The next time you login, you’ll be logging in to your preferred mode.

One of the most important improvements (that you will never notice) is the overall usability optimization of version 2.0. The only time you will realize the difference is when you’re able to do things faster and more efficiently, with fewer clicks and steps than before.

Yup, this is an “invisible” feature that gives you a highly optimized database, faster responses times, and a more user-friendly interaction. Our goal is to make is easier for you to get your work done, without having to wrestle LinkTrackr into submission!

The new dashboard and improved usability applies to all accounts.

Brand New Conversion Tracking – Pro and Xtreme Accounts

Although you can use TID affiliate tracking in any plan, our new Custom Conversion Tracking is a life-saver for anyone using LinkTrackr to market their own products. By placing a simple conversion tracking code in your “Thank You” pages, you can now track multiple conversions across multiple domains.

Conversion Tracking

Plus, you can also track your conversion rates and total conversion amount. Using this feature, you can even track email marketing clicks and conversions. If you’re an affiliate but can negotiate with the product owner to put in your conversion code in the “Thank You” page, then you can use this feature to track affiliate conversions as well.

To get the sales conversion tracking feature you must have a Pro or Xtreme account. You can upgrade your account from the account area.

Brand New Landing Page A/B Split Testing – Xtreme Accounts Only

If you’re selling anything online, you should be familiar with the concept of landing pages. A “landing page” can be an optin page (squeeze page), a full sales page, a video page or even a PPC page for Google AdWords.

One of the most important questions with any landing page is “What is my conversion rate?”. Once you figure that out, the most important question then becomes “How do I improve my conversion rate?”.

Most established marketers know that a small tweak in your landing page can result in massive improvements on your conversion rate, which in turn can result in a significantly higher profit in the long term. That’s why we decided that A/B split testing is an absolute must-have for LinkTrackr.

AB Split Testing Software

With LinkTrackr’s split testing feature, you can test as many different landing pages as you want. Together with the conversion tracking code, you’ll be able to easily see which landing pages convert better.

To get the A/B split testing feature you must have a LinkTrackr Xtreme account. You can upgrade your account from the account area.

Thank you to all LinkTrackr Evangelists and users for giving us valuable feedback on what you expect from LinkTrackr. Although we’ve only been around since July 2010 (eight months), we’ve very quickly developed LinkTrackr into one of the best (if not the best) tool for marketers.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of the new version. If you want to send us a testimonial, just submit it here and it will be used on our main page.

Affiliate Link Cloaking with Cpanel Redirects

Cpanel redirects is a cheap and easy way to create cloaked affiliate links. To get started, you will of course need a cPanel account, which you should get automatically when you obtain web hosting from most providers.

In your cPanel account, just click on Redirects.


Then, create your cloaked affiliate link like the example below.


cPanel redirects should be “301 Permanent” redirects, and you should always choose “Redirect with or without www”. You can use this method with just about any type of affiliate link.

However, until cloaking your affiliate links with LinkTrackr, you will not be able to view your click stats, use campaigns, or tracks conversions.

Ad Swap Link Tracking with LinkTrackr

Adswaps are a great way to build up your email list quickly. In a typical ad swap, two marketers mutually agree to promote each other’s products on a specified date and time. Usually, both have similar amount of subscribers or reach, and promote free products as a way to get more optin subscribers.

The key component of any ad swap is tracking the amount of clicks your partners send you, and this is where LinkTrackr plays a crucial role.

Using the campaign feature, you can easily create a primary link to promote your product or optin offer, and give each ad swap partner a unique link. For example, if I wanted my ad swap partners to promote our web hosting service, I would create a link like this:

Then, I would give each ad swap partner the same link, but with their names as the campaign. Here are two examples:

This way, I can easily track the amount of clicks and traffic I get from each ad swap partner in my LinkTrackr dashboard. I can also see traffic spikes using the graphical reports, so I know when the emails were sent out and how many emails were sent.


In our new stats feature being released soon, you can even see the percentage of traffic each ad swap partner has sent.

Another key advantage when you use LinkTrackr to do ad swaps is the viral marketing element. By leveraging on FaceBook and Twitter, you can multiply the amount of traffic actually sent by an ad swap partner.

Custom Home Page for Better Branding

If you’re not already aware, we’ve recently enabled “Custom Home Page” for all except free accounts.

Previously, when a user types in your LinkTrackr account name they get to the login page. With the custom home page option, you can now choose to send them to a revamped “Home” page provided by LinkTrackr, or any other URL that you want.


Here’s how the new home page looks like:


In many ways it’s similar to the default 404 error page template, with the addition of the login form at the bottom. Of course, you can also choose to redirect users to an external URL, for example your blog or a link in your account. If you do this however, you need to manually type in the login URL for your account as follows the next time you want to access it:

Custom home pages works with all your custom domain names too. Have fun with this new feature!

Affiliate Link Cloaking with Simple HTML

Although getting a free affiliate link cloaker account with LinkTrackr is the fastest and easiest way to cloak or mask your links, you can also use simple HTML to do it manually. It’s called the “meta refresh” method and here’s how it works.

First, you need to open up NotePad and enter the following code:

<title>Link Name</title>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL="/>

(To avoid mistakes, just copy the code above and replace the variables accordingly)

In this example, the code tells a web browser to “refresh” the page and redirect the user to after 0 seconds.

You can change it to one or two seconds if you want to display some text before redirecting the user to your affiliate link. The Link Name isn’t really required but it does help to put in the name of the product or program that you’re promoting.

Then, save the file as whatever.html – of course you’ll replace “whatever” with the name of the link you want to create. Then, upload that file to your web hosting account. You can either place it inside the root folder (public_html or www), or create a new folder for it.

All you need to do is know the URL to it, and place that URL in your advertising campaigns.

In truth, this tactic is more accurately known as link masking, not link cloaking. Cloaking a link actually requires framing the content of the target URL within your own page, like what you can do with LinkTrackr. Also, manual link cloaking with HTML does not give you any form of tracking whatsoever.

However, if you need a simple and effective way to cloak your affiliate links, try the HTML link cloaking method above.

Get More Twitter Followers

Want an easy, hassle-free way to get more Twitter followers? Twitter now makes it easier than ever with their Tweet Button, allowing re-tweeters to “recommend” you to their followers.

Although the default Tweet button you can get from already had this feature since it’s inception, we’ve only recently included it in LinkTrackr. You can find this option under the viral settings page:


Now, you can make a bigger impact with LinkTrackr’s social media sharing tools. Just enter one (or two) accounts to recommend to users. The next time someone clicks on your viral bar’s Twitter Button, here’s the actual message they will be Tweeting:


You can see “via @gobala” added to the end of the message. When people see this message in Twitter, they can follow you easily by clicking on your username and choosing to follow you.

Enter at least one username, but if you have two Twitter account, feel free to enter both to simultaneously get more Twitter followers for both account with very little extra effort. For it to be effective, make sure you cloak your tracking links and make good use of the viral bar feature in LinkTrackr.

With the new Twitter format however, your actual link will me shortened and masked using Twitter’s built-in shortening service. Only part of your actual URL may be displayed, if there is enough space left in Twitter’s 140 character limit 🙂

Go get more Twitter followers now!

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